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Match’s new feature shows you who you crossed paths with in the real world


Match is rolling out a new feature that will help its dating app customers see who they’ve crossed paths with in the real world, and say “hi” if they’re interested in chatting. The opt-in feature called “Missed Connections” takes advantage of location-based services on the users’ phones, ..

In a tech-saturated world, customer feedback is everything


Jeremy Bailey Contributor Jeremy Bailey is the creative director of FreshBooks. I’ve found that the most valuable design tool in the 21st century is rather old-fashioned: customer feedback. Technology has produced huge breakthroughs in design. A product can be ideated, prototyped and finalized with ..

With Station F, Paris will have the world\u2019s biggest startup campus


Station F (formerly known as la Halle Freyssinet) is quite an ambitious project and is bound to change the face of the tech ecosystem in Paris. Financed by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza, Station F is going to be the world’s biggest startup campus with companies like Facebook and TechShop ..

Remitly raises another $38M, adds World Bank’s IFC as it pushes into emerging markets


Remitly, a startup co-founded and led by a former executive of Barclays who saw a gap in the market to build money transfer and other financial services for emerging markets and the “unbanked”, is today announcing that it has raised $38.5 million, as well as expansion to seven more countries in Latin ..

Big data can’t bring objectivity to a subjective world


Simon Chandler Contributor Simon Chandler is a writer and journalist, contributing articles on culture, politics and technology. More posts by this contributor: Technological innovation is often simply an innovation in how we think about technology It seems everyone is interested in big data these ..

Sharalike tries to bring your slideshow into the virtual world


Wait, wait, wait! Before your eyes glaze over at the word “slideshow,” stay with me for a moment. Yes, we’re all bored to tears with slideslows, but Sharalike‘s brand new VR app has been rubbing its medical paddles together to try to jolt some life into your old 2D photos by teleporting them ..

A Real World Review of the Pentax K-1


I got my Pentax K-1 last night and have spent the entire day with it, shooting and getting a feel for the camera. I thought the Pentaxians in the crowd might be interested to read a real world review of Pentax’s newest camera and first full frame offering. Please note that you won’t find any […]

Review: The $49 Platypod Pro is the World's Most Compact Mini Tripod


You’re not a photographer if you haven’t been somewhere (traveling light on a weekend excursion perhaps) when out for an evening stroll you spot it… the picture you thought you wouldn’t need to take this weekend: a long exposure. UPDATE: I love seeing products grow up and evolve ..

MTF Testing the Canon 11-24mm f/4L, the World's Widest Full Frame Rectilinear Lens


Editor’s note: If you’re unfamiliar with how to interpret MTF charts, you can find primers here and here. I’ll be honest. I’m pretty excited about the Canon 11-24mm f/4 L lens. I love shooting ultra-wide and the chance to shoot this wide with a rectilinear lens on a full-frame ..

Nikon D5 Pro Review: The Batman of the Camera World


Powerful, insanely fast, supremely agile, hauntingly accurate and a master of the dark. The Batman of the camera world. I could end the review there, but what fun would that be? Introduction As with my Nikon D750 Review, this Nikon D5 review is founded upon real world usage in a professional shooting ..