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LG\u2019s new phone to launch eventually, cost money


LG just announced a new phone. It’s like the last one but slightly better looking, a bit faster, and it will be available sometime and cost money to buy it. The company took the wraps off the phone during a press conference at a trade show. There was pop music, teleprompters and a long PowerPoint ..

Birchbox to launch a second, more personalized beauty subscription service


Subscription beauty service Birchbox is launching a new, pricier tier to its service, offering customers the ability to better customize their monthly box of products, along with other perks. The service, which is only being offered to current subscribers for the time being, is $14 per month, compared ..

Target will launch its own mobile payments system this year


Target’s CartWheel application has grown to some 27 million shoppers who have used it over the past three years following its debut to save over $600 million at checkout. Now, the retailer hints it may be adding mobile payments to the app, and potentially its main Target application, as well. The company ..

Google Maps’ Foursquare-like lists feature is getting closer to launch


A feature that will allow Google Maps users to make lists of places is getting closer to public launch. A number of Google Maps users this month have uncovered a new addition to their Google Maps mobile application — a way to make lists of starred and favorite places, as well as create buckets lists ..

Quixey alums launch Sigma, a platform to bring merits and certifications online


A new company named Sigma, founded by alumni of mobile app search engine Quixey, aims to take records and certifications currently trapped in the analog world and bring them online. To do so, the company has raised $4.35 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz and other investors. The idea ..

Four reasons you shouldn’t launch your crowdfunding campaign at CES


Jackson Wightman Contributor Jackson Wightman is founder and partner at the PR firm Proper Propaganda. Allison Aitken Contributor Allison Aitken is a partner at the PR firm Proper Propaganda. Borjana Slipicevic Contributor Borjana Slipicevic is a partner at the PR firm Proper Propaganda. It’s the Super ..

How a former model decided to launch an app to tackle mental illness


Mental health is one of the buzzwords of the moment, especially now Royalty like Prince William and Duchess Katherine have been championing it, along with Kid Cudi, Cara Delevingne and others saying that they would be open to sending their children to counselling. One in five people have suffered from ..

iHeartRadio will launch two paid, on-demand music services


iHeartRadio could be getting more competitive with on-demand music services like Apple Music and Spotify next year. Launched by the radio and media company Clear Channel (which has since rebranded as iHeartMedia), iHeartRadio gives users the ability to listen to broadcast radio on their computers and phones, ..

Former Facebook engineers launch Fabric, an automated personal journal of your life


Technology has made it simple to record and archive our digital memories through posts, snapshots, videos and more, but it can sometimes be a struggle to surface our past – our memories, activities and other experiences – in an easily accessible way. A new mobile application called Fabric, built ..

Pok\u00e9mon Go crosses $200M in global revenue one month into launch


While bugs and feature complaints are still causing a decent amount of negativity among users, Pokémon Go continues its upward trajectory in terms of overall revenue. App analytics platform Sensor Tower reveals that the game now have over $200 million in net revenue from players based on their estimates. ..