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New ‘Uber’ Service for Seniors to Launch Across U.S


Remind Grams, a new virtual companion and reminder service is seeking a few hundred home based assistants ready to provide loving and helpful services virtually to the senior population in the United States. According to Ryan Fleming, co-founder of Remind Grams, “One in eight Americans is older ..

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Kaleidoscope Solutions Announces Launch Party Planning Services This Winter


Corporations looking to promote their business or product with a launch party this winter season are invited to hire Kaleidoscope Solutions to plan the event. The team of event planners has provided Philadelphia businesses with their quality services for years. Whatever the company needs for their launch ..

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Helles Teeth to Soon Launch a New Silicone Teething Toy for Babies


Helles Teeth, a  non-toxic silicone teething toy company, has released the details about their new teething toy range, Cthulhu Chew. This product is dedicated to bringing safe gum-soothing goodness to brutal babies all over the world, and to supporting them through all stages of teething. Cthulhu Chew ..

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Swedish Fashion Experts Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Produce Luxury Leather Belts


The worlds menswear industry was expected to exceed $402 billion in 2014 and in the last five years the growth of men’s fashion has outpaced that of womenswear. Men are becoming more invested in how they look and are showing it in how the way they dress. However, there has always been one accessory ..

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ConIT AG Announces the Launch of the Updated Version of AppZapp Notify the Personal App Discovery Tool


ConIT AG and founders Sascha Brenk and Thomas Drost, are pleased to announce that AppZapp Notify 6.3 is available to users at the App Store. The application provides additional services for the “must have” capabilities offered by the original app. The purpose of the application is to provide ..

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Veritas Firearms, LLC Announce the Launch of Their NRA Certified Firearms Training Classes Available in January


Veritas Firearms LLC is pleased to announce a variety of classes in the Northern Virginia area for those who are searching for reliable and accurate firearms training (www.gunschool.info). The classes are sponsored by Veritas Firearms at their new state-of-the-art training facility. Instructors are part ..

iPhone 7 Rumored to Launch with 3.5mm EarPods and a Lightning Adapter


One of the more consistent rumors, despite seeing some pushback recently, is that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of going with the Lightning port, or Bluetooth, for headphones. Now, according to a new report from Mac Otakara, and citing sources the publication ..

Apple Music Nearing Launch in Korea


Apple Music‘s expansion will continue, and if local news sources in South Korea are any indicator, that particular region might be next on the radar. According to a report from The Korea Herald, Apple Music is nearing launch in the area soon. Unfortunately, no firm date has been nailed down just yet, ..

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Get Your Coupon Codes Will Begin 2015 with Launch of New Mobile Coupon App for iPhone and Android


At a time of year when consumerism is hitting its peak, and in an economy that has been slow to recover from global meltdown, it is vital to more people than ever to get the very best deal on everything they buy. This has created a hunger for coupon codes, discounts and promotions among consumers, […]

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Baby Prodigies Announces Launch of Baby Model Search Looking for Young Children to Help Spread an Inspiring Message


Baby Prodigies is a new clothing brand that believes baby clothes should inspire not only smiles, but also success. Fueled by a line of t­shirts for children two years and under, carrying innovative empowering messages the company’s launch has been greeted with passionate reactions. Recently, ..