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Book Review: 'The Decisive Moment' by Henri Cartier-Bresson


Wow… Where do I even begin? I would say that “The Decisive Moment” by Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the most beautiful photo books I have ever handled, and it is a book that brings me extreme joy and happiness (you can see all the photos from the book for free over at Magnum Photos). […]

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Cubbie Blue Publishing Releases Hardcover of Handler’s Children’s Book Boy Who Spoke to God: A Must if Gifting a Child, A Must if You Care About Human Rights


In time for holiday-giving, Cubbie Blue Publishing has just released in hardcover, Randa Handler’s much talked about children’s book, The Boy Who Spoke To God! See what all the debate is about! Read the stellar reviews! Get a copy and open a discussion this holiday season about all the beliefs ..

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Nursing Wit and Wisdom: Uplifting Book Celebrates Humor, Truths & Inspiration Millions of ‘Nightingales’ Embrace in Their (Often Tumultuous!) Line of Duty


While nursing is often messy, challenging and won’t buy that dream yacht in the Mediterranean, it’s seemingly impossible to find another profession where people are so dedicated to and passionate about their day-to-day work. Audrey Friedman knows this first hand, with twenty-eight years in uniform ..

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A Book on Avoiding the Pit Falls of Plastic Surgery Has Achieved No1 BestSeller Status on Amazon and Kindle


“Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon” is a survival guide written by Donald W Kress, MD, who is a board certified plastic surgeon with a huge experience. The book presents in an honest and straightforward way all the things that people, who intend to have a plastic surgery should know in order ..

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Argentine Launches Indiegogo to Narrate and Illustrate a Book


Eight years ago an amazing journey began when the young couple left the routine for a great trip. At this time Anna started taking notes and Diego making sketches inspired by the places and people they met on their way For the last two years together they have be shaping what is now the book, […]

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Ruby ShinesBright and the Birthday Cake: Fun New Book Invites Kids to Take a Slice of Vital Lessons in Sharing, Healthy Eating & Consequences


Imagine the sight; a glistening new birthday cake topped with mouth-watering icing and an opportunity to have it all to one’s self; exactly the thought process of Ruby ShinesBright in a decision that would turn her pending birthday party into a race-against-time to replace the cake she devoured ..

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5-Star Reviews Flood in for Book of Real-World Letters Between WWII Adolescents. It’s a True Love Story Hollywood Could Never Portray


When Laura Lynn Ashworth discovered a series of old letters in the house of a relative, she had no idea of the engrossing and gripping story they told. Sent between nineteen year-old Sal and fifteen year-old Loretta during the final years of WWII, their correspondence gave illuminating insight not only ..

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Charlie Zeros Last-Ditch Attempt the Food for Thought Book for All


With the arrival of Charlie Zero’s Last-Ditch Attempt, it is time to get rid of the hard-core task of looking for the most popular and the best books this year. This book is simply great for leisure-time reading enthusiasts. It is one of the most favorite picks of most editors among the Books of the […]

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Word to the Wise: Albino Author’s New Book Exposes “Power of Perception”; Empowering Readers from All Walks of Life to Rise Above Negativity


Chris Jones spent his early years like many visually impaired people do – trying to find a way to either hide or supress their disability’s symptoms so they can compete with their able-bodies peers. However, Jones quickly learned that his afflictions were a gift and, after embracing who he was as a person, ..

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A Book That Says Adults Must Emulate Kids and Play Their Part to Combat Global Warming


The90dayauthorkids.com says they have come out with a comic book. The book in digital format is available on Amazon. The book is available in print format on Magcloud. According to the90dayauthorkids.com, this book is an adventurous and action packed comic book. Though this is targeted towards teenagers, ..