Why join the UFT?

Why join the UFT?

Join the union! As a union member, you’ll have access to valuable benefits and gain a voice in your professional life. Get in touch with a UFT department or representative. Stay on top of the latest guidance and information for UFT members. Get the information and tools you need to do your job as a union representative.

What are the final details of the new UFT Vacation Plan?

Here are the final details of the new plan. In a decision that UFT members have been waiting for since the early days of the pandemic, an independent arbitrator ruled that members will receive a vacation day — a brand-new type of day — for each day they worked during the 2020 spring break.

What will happen with UFT watching?

Wouldn’t happen with UFT watching. Needed to go into court and say retirees would be held harmless and would be seamless. Was said in once voice. Judge said plan could begin April 1. Has set series of benchmarks for all to hit. To educate people, doctors, so they understand. Clearly put in no retiree shall be harmed.

What are the important dates for Parent-Teacher Conferences?

Important Dates DATE WEEKDAY EVENT November 4 Thursday Afternoon parent-teacher conferences for … November 10 Wednesday Evening parent-teacher conferences for h … November 11 Thursday Veterans Day, schools closed November 12 Friday Afternoon parent-teacher conferences for … 27 more rows …

School Year 2020–21 – United Federation of Teachers

The UFT helped secure new funding that could change the face of public education— $7.6B in federal stimulus funding for our city, plus Albany’s commitment to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, which fully funds Foundation Aid. Yet, the administration’s FY23 budget inexplicably focuses on teacher workforce reductions and cuts to school budgets.


Very happy with holidays. When calendar comes out, more than 500 of you will do SBO to combine parent teacher night and day into one. We’ve shown DOE 500 or 800 did this in elementary. Hoping to make this standard and SBO for other option. … the United Federation of Teachers, or any UFT union caucus. Stories herein containing unnamed or …

2021-22 Calendar | Academic Calendar – University of Toronto

Welcome to the 2021-22 Academic Calendar of the Faculty of Arts & Science, University of Toronto. Here you will find information on the programs of study, courses, important dates, and the rules/regulations of the Faculty. Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Changes will likely occur as the province and its …