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What is the punishment for a Class 6 felony?

What is the punishment for a Class 6 felony?

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What are Class 6 felonies in Arizona [infographic]?

A Class 6 felony is the least severe class of felony in the state of Arizona. Convictions generally come with between 4 months and 2 years in prison, though some factors can increase the sentence to up to 6 years.Class 6 felonies may also be charged or treated as misdemeanors.

What is a Class 6 UN-designated felony?

You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation :The class six felony conviction is undesignated at the time of this application.Prior to admitting to or being found guilty of this class 6 undesignated felony, you had not been convicted of two felony offenses.The class 6 felony did not involve the intentional or knowing infliction of serious physical injury.

What are the classes of felonies in Arizona?

They include (but are not limited to):Theft of protective native plantsRacing violationsAttempt of a Class 3 felonySolicitation of a Class 2 felonyNegligent homicideUnlawfully obtaining labor or servicesCriminal damage over $10,000Arson

13-702 – First time felony offenders; sentencing; definition

In order of severity, there are 6 Classes of felony offenses in Arizona: Class 1 felonies, Class 2 felonies, Class 3 felonies, Class 4 felonies, Class 5 felonies, and; Class 6 felonies. Class 1 felonies are the most severe. There are only 2 Class 1 felony offenses in Arizona: First-degree murder, and; Second-degree murder. Class 6 felonies are the least severe …

What Is A Class 6 Felony In Arizona? – Town of Douglas, MA

Class 6 Felony Arizona Class 6 Felony Arizona Normal punishment for a Class 6 felony ranges from 6 to 18 months with a …

Class 6 Felony Crimes in Arizona – Shouse Law Group

Felonies are broken into 6 classes; Class 1 being the highest and Class 6 being the lowest. In Arizona, only murder is considered a Class 1 Felony and specifically only for first or second degree murder. Each felony class has a sentence range which includes: Mitigated; Minimum; Presumptive; Maximum; Aggravated; Mitigated sentence

A Class 6 Undesignated Felony Offense, also known as a ‘6 …

What is a class 6 undesignated felony offense? A class 6 undesignated felony offense, is also frequently referred to as a 6-open felony. In Arizona, at the time of sentencing for a class 6 felony offense a judge may leave the offense undesignated. This means that the offense has not yet been designated a felony conviction.