Who is Zach Evans?

Who is Zach Evans?

Zach Evans – YouTube What’s up everyone! I’m a music producer who does mostly piano covers, violin covers and guitar covers and instrumentals. But mostly piano covers. New vide… What’s up everyone!

Who are the Piano Guys and what do they do?

If you don’t know The Piano Guys, they’re an amazing piano and cello duo who got famous on YouTube for taking grand pianos and putting them on top of a mountain or out in the jungle and playing amazing music. While it’s… continue reading BEST Piano Pedal Exercise for Beginners (by FAR…)

How many people have taken the become a piano superhuman course?

Welcome to the Become a Piano Superhuman Training… I want to do everything in my power to help you succeed. Help you take your piano game to that next level. Over 2,000 20,000 40,000 people have taken this course.

What is a Zach chord?

I could play a few notes and name that collection the “Zach Chord” because a chord is just a group of notes we add a name to. The two most common types of chords are major chords and minor chords. Major chords have a very happy sound to them while minor chords are the exact opposite, sounding very sad.

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Zach Evans is an entrepreneur, specializing in marketing an online piano business. His business, Piano University, has made over $1M in …

Watch Zach Evans TEDx Talk – Best Piano Tips

#100: Zach Evans, Founder of Piano University, on Getting to $1 Million in Revenue from Online Courses Zach Evans, my best friend since high …

Piano University: Login Here – Piano University

Login with your username and password. You’ll be automatically redirected to whatever course you’ve purchased. If not, after you’re logged in, click your course below to get started. Or, use the menus on the top and the left side of the screen. Note: If you copy and paste in your login details, MAKE SURE you don’t accidentally copy … Continue reading Piano University: Login Here →