Where can I buy used school buses?

Where can I buy used school buses?

At National Bus Sales, our used school buses include standard school buses and special needs buses. Our used school bus inventory can be found online, but for direct assistance, you can click here or call one of our Sales Managers at 1.800.475.1439.

Are school bus junkyards a good place to junk a bus?

School bus junkyards are a great place to save money on used parts. They serve both the people looking for parts and the people or schools looking to junk a bus. They also serve the recycling community because functional pieces can be removed and reused on working vehicles.

Are there any used and salvage buses for sale through auctions?

There are currently 0 used and salvage buses for sale through auctions and buy now Clear all filters Get started Once you find a vehicle you like on our website and you are ready to start bidding on it, please contact our agent so they can walk you through the sign up and deposit process.

What is the business model of a school bus salvage yard?

The business model is similar to that of a thrift shop, except, here they buy scraped buses and then sell them off for used salvage auto parts. Some vehicle salvage yards do carry school buses and will have a section, but the selection is pretty limited.

Lot of Junk/Scrap School Buses (40 total) – govdeals.com

Looking to buy cheap salvage bus for sale, look no further than Salvagebid. Register now and start bidding on varied collection of salvage transit buses for sale in online auctions @ Salvagebid. … 2009 BLUE BIRD SCHOOL BUS / TRANSIT BUS. Damaged Salvage Bus. Odometer 1 mi. Damage RIGHT SIDE. Start Code. Title Type GA SALVAGE. Sale Date 04/11 …

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You will be bidding on a Lot of Junk/Scrap School Buses (49 total) (“Property”). **No Titles** These buses are missing parts like engines, alternators, starters, air compressors, radiators, transmissions, axles, and other parts. See attachment below for an exact list of vehicles. These buses are located at the Department of Education York …

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Even if you don’t it is possible your local vehicle salvo or heavy duty truck salvo has broken down school buses on their lot. If your not sure, it’s at least worth a phone call, they may be able to point to another yard that does carry junked school buses for salvaging. August 22, 2019 James Auto Salvage, Find Near Me, Other Salvage