What to expect at Air Force basic training?

What to expect at Air Force basic training?

Week 1: During his first full week at basic training your airman learns what’s expected of him in the upcoming weeks. He learns how to make his bed properly, how to fold his clothes properly, the proper way to clean the bay, how to march properly, and how to behave at all times. It’s a stressful week.

How to prepare for basic training in the Air Force?

You can do this in one of three ways:Attend Officer Training School after earning your bachelor’s degreeAttend the Air Force Academy after high schoolJoin the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps in college

What to know before Air Force basic training?

Basic Requirements. The Air Force requires you to have a four-year college degree or meet the guidelines for OTS in an alternative method. Before you consider applying for Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) make sure you meet the minimum requirements: Between the ages of 18-39. A citizen of the United States.

How much do you make in Air Force basic training?

In addition, the Air Force reimburses 100 percent tuition for those who want to complete their college education. According to Military-Ranks.org, the average total income for an Airman Basic, including the usual additional pay benefits, is $38,636. Unfortunately, you must continue paying your regular bills while in basic training.

Air Force Basic Training Requirements

The Air Force offers an array of educational opportunities so you can achieve your true potential. On day one you’ll be enrolled in Community College of the Air Force earning …

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Males Push-ups: Minimum of 67 pushups in one minute for trainees aged 29 and below; 57 for trainees aged 30 to 39 Sit-ups: Minimum of 58 sit-ups in one minute for trainees …

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Oct 25, 2019 · To graduate from Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), you must pass a physical fitness …

Basic Training Requirements Air Force

If you wish to be an Air Force officer, you must be at least 18 years old, but not older than 40 years by the time you finish officer training school. If you have a GED instead of a …

Basic Military Training Preparation – U.S. Air Force

What to Bring to Basic Training Air Force? The Air Force provides many basics for all recruits who arrive for basic training, including: Toothbrushes; Nail clippers; Soap; …