What kind of courses do you offer for Christians?

What kind of courses do you offer for Christians?

Our mission is to help Christians study the Bible and God’s world by offering free and formal online courses and mini-courses. The course topics areas are: Bible, Theology, Ministry, Leadership, General Studies Business, Philosophy, Life Coaching, Life and Ministry Skills, and Chaplaincy.

What are Bible study courses?

Bible Study Courses. The goal of Bible Study Courses is to present the Word of God in a way that is accurate, clear, and applicable. This site exists to provide resources to help people interested in serious study of the Bible regardless of their educational background. The various studies on books of the Bible and common Biblical topics are an…

What can you do with a Christian Studies degree?

A Christian studies degree helps teach and prepare students for a career of service focused toward spreading the Word of God. Students learn church history, systematic theology and best communication practices so to know how to teach others the same faithful message. What’s the benefit of a Christian studies degree?

What is the first class in the Christian Studies Program?

The first is a 10-lesson introductory-level course intended for people who would like to begin an initial study in Christian evidences.

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