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What is utility locating?

What is utility locating?

Utility locating is a practice in which an individual or team of trained locating technicians utilize a variety of equipment and tools in order to pin point the location of underground utilities before excavation. The most common method of locating utilities, is through the use of electromagnetic currents.

How do I become a utility locator?

If a line runs beneath a road or sidewalk, the utility locator can use the proper color of spray paint instead of a flag. The requirements to become a utility locator can vary. Many employers will hire people who hold high school diplomas and possess the physical and technical abilities to do the job.

How is the utility line locator training structured?

The utility line locator training consists of 35% classroom and 65% hands-on field training. – The classroom segment is focused on science and theory allowing the participants a deeper understanding of how the instruments function.

Why choose courses in utility locating?

Course provides a balanced mixture of classroom training combined with hands-on field instruction performed outdoors. Participants will gain an A to Z understanding of the fundamentals of line locating. Special emphasis is placed on mastery of the electronic detection equipment and troubleshooting techniques to solve utility locating puzzles.

Utility Line Locator Training & Certification | Center …

Utility Line Locator Certification Training Objectives: This two-day utility line locator certification training program for both professional locators and new locators is tailored to meet the requirements recommended by the PHMSA (DOT) for utility line locators. The course provides participants a more complete understanding of electromagnetic utility locating and a deeper …

Utility Locator: What Is It? and How to Become One …

How to Become a Utility Locator. The primary qualifications for this position are a high school diploma or its equivalent and training as a utility locator. Most agencies prefer candidates with at least one year of experience locating utilities, particularly with the use of locating equipment. Applicants also need a state driver’s license and …

Utility Locating School: Equipment and Technique | Cleaner

utility locating school: Equipment and Technique. An understanding of potential job site challenges can help operators differentiate between malfunctioning tools and job site issues. Appeared in print as “Equipment and Technique”. By Kyle Rogers.

Utility Locator Training

Welcome to Utility Training Academy. One of the nations leading providers of line locating and damage prevention training. We provide public and private training classes for line locating and underground utility and pipeline damage prevention. Our in person classes includes hands on field training on an assortment of buried line locating equipment.

Utility Locator Training & Certification – Center Line …

Established in 2006, Center Line Resource (CLR) is dedicated to quality pipeline and Utility Line Locator Training and Certification with the goal of breaking the “hand- me-down” training prevalent in the industry today. Our line locator programs are tailored to meet or exceed the requirements recommended by PHMSA (DOT).

Locating & Marking Training

Utility Locator Classroom Training Details Dates & Registration 3M utility locator classroom training is located in Austin, Texas. Class size is limited to 8 – 10 participants. To register for your free training class, please click one of the date (s) below or call 512-984-5936. April 14 – 15, 2020 September 29 – 30, 2020 October 20 – 21, 2020

Utility Underground Locating Training Course

Course Description: This Hands-On course is a must for your cable locating technicians. Today’s congested underground environments with the massive deployment of fiber optic cables, existing copper in the ground, underground utilities (facilities) for telephone and internet services, cabling systems, electric services, gas lines, liquid pipelines, water and sanitary sewage systems, etc.

Utility Training Academy Home – Utility Locator Training …

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Sewer School: What Is Utility Locating?

How Does Utility Locating Work? In the United States, utility locating follows a specific process. According to the national 811 Utility Notification Center, the person planning on digging (on private or public property) needs to call their state’s one call center at least two business days prior to digging. The one call center will then send the excavator’s information to its operators, …

Certified Utility Locator Training | Precision Utility …

Precision Utility Locating offers a 40-hour course of classroom and field experience with students graudating as Certified Utility Locators. The program meets National Utility Locating Contractors Associations Standards and …