What is the best dropshipping course for beginners?

What is the best dropshipping course for beginners?

Biaheza’s full dropshipping course aims to give you your “first big break with dropshipping”. Whether this be first time around or to those of you who have previously tried yet failed. The idea is that once you manage to do it once, you can then do it time and time again.

What platform is used for biahezacourse?

The course sales page is over at biahezacourse.com and it appears that the platform used for this site is ClickFunnels. What platform will be used to deliver the content is not clearly evident nor stated.

How successful is dropshipping?

After you have your first success with dropshipping, it often becomes exponential as you begin to understand why things work the way they do and can duplicate your initial results. This is why I built a course focused towards people who are just starting out with dropshipping or have previously tried it but were not successful with it.

What is biaheza’s marketing strategy on TikTok?

Tik Tok is a growing platform used by millennials so he is clearly looking forward and experimenting with his business. Biaheza’s main marketing platform of choice is Instagram and you can clearly see this in the content he produces. Most of his strategy lies there.

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