What is the Abe level 5 Diploma in Business Management?

What is the Abe level 5 Diploma in Business Management?

The ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management (Ofqual Qualification number 603/1596/9) consists of six units: You must have suitable academic and or work experience such as:

What is the Abe Business Administration programme?

The ABE Business Administration programme provides a professional qualification which may be used to prepare directly for a career in business, to gain advanced entry to study for further professional qualifications or to obtain useful exemptions on a range of university business courses in the UK and elsewhere.

Who should take the Abe course?

Persons who should start the ABE courses include: Anyone who intends to pursue a career in Management or Marketing. Anyone who owns and manages his/ her own business. Anyone who is seeking an introduction to management.

What is an Abe qualification in human resources?

This ABE qualification in human resources allows you the advantage to obtain a specialization combined with a high level of knowledge of general business management. With knowledge in a wide-ranging strategic understanding of business management coupled with expertise of HR, provides holders with a special skill set.

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