What is spartan training?

What is spartan training?

Spartan Training is built on unconventional work. Our training system is engineered to expose limits, destroy weakness and leave personal bests in the dust. The core foundation lies in running, bodyweight movements and functional strength training, blending ancient Spartan wisdom with modern science to give you unparalleled results.

Why choose Spartan group?

Comprised of current and former members of the US military special operations community and veteran law enforcement professionals, Spartan Group’s experience and commitment to excellence make it one of the most comprehensive and diverse training and service agencies in the industry today.

What is the applied training and consulting division?

Spartan Group’s Applied Training and Consulting Division was formed with the expressed mission of training and advising U.S. and foreign military personnel, law enforcement officers, and other government agencies in the advanced tactical arena.

How did Sparta develop soldiers?

A Spartan woman saying goodbye to her young son who is going off to war. According to the ancient Greek historian Plutarch, who wrote several centuries after Sparta’s heyday in the 400s B.C., Spartans began developing soldiers shortly after birth, when male infants were evaluated by Spartan elders.

Spartan Tactical Training Group, LLC – LinkedIn

that you will find listed on the spartan tactical training group website. Spartan Tactical is dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare law enforcement officers, armed professionals and civilians to survive and win deadly force confrontations. •


Spartan Tactical currently offers around 60+ mobile training courses throughout the country, but primarily focuses on offering firearms training programs hosted by various LE agencies in the Midwest. We specialize in high-performance training programs in handgun, rifle and shotgun disciplines and offer a variety of challenging intermediate to advanced programs …