What is included in the 2022 absite review course?

What is included in the 2022 absite review course?

Our 2022 ABSITE review course will be virtually broadcasted via Zoom and includes didactic lectures as well as high-yield review questions on all the important general surgery topics covered in the exams.

How can absite be used to prepare students for standardized exams?

As this review has demonstrated, ABSITE preparation should largely focus on recall and the use of a good question bank, which can aid in improving learners understanding and interpretation of standardized exam questions.

When will the new absite virtual course be available?

An updated new version of the virtual course is now available for access now until January 31, 2022. The course’s ultimate goal has always been that it would result in a markedly improved score on your ABSITE exam. This year we will be having two (instead of three) live in-person courses as follows:

What is absite SmackDown?

ABSITE/In Training Review Course Online – National Surgery Review

Online ABSITE – Sample Test To familiarize yourself with the computer screens you will see during the ABSITE and the steps necessary to respond to questions and review …