What is an Australian Curriculum dance lesson plan?

What is an Australian Curriculum dance lesson plan?

These lesson plans are easy to do and link to the language used in the Australian Curriculum Dance. Have fun! In this lesson students make a dance that comes from different perspectives. They explore the way people view art works from many different perspectives, depending on their own life experience, cultural view and values.

What will my child learn in dance class?

This fun and diverse curriculum introduces students to a variety of dance styles. Throughout the year students will learn dance theory, history, an incredible repertoire of steps, and will create and perform dance routines. All students will become well equipped to compete in dance competitions, and go on to further their dance training.

What is the ballet curriculum for teachers?

It is a complete curriculum and includes a fully choreographed syllabus and dances. There is also a technique checklist and a list of common faults along with instructions for how to fix them. It is a ballet curriculum and teacher handbook all rolled into one and gives you the tools to confidently deliver quality ballet instruction.

What are the different types of dance lessons?

You will find video tutorials in these styles: Club dance, Hip Hop dance, Ballroom and Latin, Ballet, Breakdancing, Tap dance, Irish dancing, Country Western, Free style, Belly dancing, and more.” This site has tons of useful dance lessons, but beware it also includes “sexy” dance moves that are inappropriate for kids.

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