What is aa2qtedit for artificial Academy 2?

What is aa2qtedit for artificial Academy 2?

AA2QtEdit is a character editor for Artificial Academy 2 with the following features: Replace cards in class save files without losing character history Download AA2QtEdit.exe and place it in your AA2 folder Optionally download the companion xml files to add support for additional user-made DLC content.

How many personalities are in artificial Academy 2?

This pack contains about 30 unique personalities either ported from Artificial Academy 1 or various other sources. While the quality of the personalities aren’t as good as the default ones in Artificial Academy 2, this pack will broaden your creative possibilities by giving you more options.

How do I update artificial Academy 2 HF?

Install the Append Set II add-on. Install the latest Artificial Academy 2 HF Patch (the latest version includes all official patches, so you don’t have to worry about your game not being up to date). Have fun playing the game fully updated and with the essential mods!

Is artificial Academy worth playing?

Artificial academy is an enjoyable eroge game that can be made even better with the mods and patches available. But the game doesn’t do much to improve from the first game.

Invisible characters :: Artificial Academy 2

The characters (from upper left to the bottom right):-March Haire (Marchhare) An energetic young bunny girl who likes leaping something. She have an addiction to the ‘things’ but she doesn’t think of those too much-Dakki a.k.a Dacchi She appears to be a young multiple tailed fox but actually she is old enough to be called ‘an old woman’.

Artificial Academy 2 New Character Database Site …

Feel free to join. Links to download and install the game to the right. Get the latest info on translation progress and help on the game after release. /hgg/ translation released. Hongfire Translation 80% with ~25% proofread.

geneishouko/AA2QtEdit – GitHub

AA2QtEdit. AA2QtEdit is a character editor for Artificial Academy 2 with the following features: AA2QtEdit is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Artificial Academy 2: My Card Repository – DeviantArt

Artificial Academy 2: My Card Repository. Ever since I won’t harm deviantart’s innocence, I won’t taint this web with my aa2 or hs cards. I decided to make my own MEGA repository of my released and not released cards containing both of my oc and non-oc or some of General Adam’s requested cards including bootlegs and edits from previous cards …

Artificial Academy 2 character card archive (version 3 …

This is a collection of character cards for the eroge Artificial Academy 2, backed up from the card database at no-info.no-ip.info. This is being done to preserve the collection should the database go down, since its track record isn’t too great. This collection starts at October 1, 2016, and will be updated on a monthly basis.

Releases · geneishouko/AA2QtEdit – GitHub

Latest. AA2QtEdit is a character editor for Artificial Academy 2 with the following features: Edit card and class save files. Replace cards in class save files without losing character history. Replace face and roster images in a card. View and edit card game data. Import, export, copy & paste clothes. Compatible with ReiEdit XML Overrides.

Artificial Academy 2: Technical Help – Hgames Wiki

A: Make sure that you mounted DISK1.mdf (i.e. ジンコウガクエン2.mdf renamed to DISK1.mdf). If that doesn’t help, try extracting ジンコウガクエン2.mdf again, rename it to DISK1.mdf, and follow the quick step-by-step guide below. Q: …

Artificial Academy 2 Download – GameFabrique

Artificial Academy 2 is a sandbox eroge game that serves as the sequel to Artificial Academy. The game is a high school social simulator where you build relationships with other characters in a bid to have sex with them. Gameplay. You start by creating your character. You can create up to 25 student characters for your classroom.

AAUnlimited is creating mods for Artificial Academy 2 …

About AAUnlimited. We are making AAUnlimited, a mod for the game Artificial Academy 2 by Illusion. AAUnlimited will always remain completely free, and no features will ever be locked behind a paywall. There are no special benefits to becoming a patron. This page exists for people who wish to support our effort.