What do you learn in a public works course?

What do you learn in a public works course?

Class topics include Public Works Organizations, Management/Supervision, Leadership, Employability Skills, and career exploration of the 14 areas of public works as described by the American Public Works Academy (APWA). The admission process includes an interview, career counseling and orientation.

What is a certificate in Public Works Management?

This certificate will focus on the management of local public works organizations and operations. The course material will be delivered by public works professionals. This program is designed to further your understanding of: organization and functions of public works and public works professionals.

What is Public Works?

Public works departments operate within the context of local government. In the three-course government unit, the processes of state and local government are examined from a historical perspective. Practices are then reviewed in relation to state regulations.

What is Public Works Academy?

Public Works Academy provides continuing education, training & certification relevant to those in public works and those working for municipalities, transportation, utilities, engineering and construction companies.

Public Works – Citrus College

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Certificate Programs – American Public Works Association

A certificate program is an education or training workshop designed to provide skills and knowledge on a narrowly defined topic. It is comprehensive of the defined topic and results in a certificate of completion, which may or may not involve assessment. All APWA certificate programs are available for chapter use.

Public Works Academy – Job Training & Certification for …

The Public Works Academy’s course of study is broken into 3 units called Occupational Completion Points (OCPs). OCP A starts our training with an understanding of local government, public administration and safety. Supporting areas are included here. OCP B focuses on to the varied fields of public works and utilities which include: transportation, potable water …