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What can you purchase with a government purchase card?

What can you purchase with a government purchase card?

using the Government Purchase Card can be directed toward travel related expenses is when you are renting a hotel conference facility for official purposes. Consult the Financial Manager and activity fiscal attorney before using the Government Purchase Card to purchase food, hotel facilities, and other travel related expenses.

What Army regulation covers government purchase cards?

The General Services Administration (GSA) awarded a multiple award schedule contract for U.S. Government commercial purchase card services. The contractor (hereinafter referred to as the “Servicing Bank”) provides commercial GPCs and associated services. The Army issues a task order to the servicing bank for its GPC services.

What is government purchase card program?

Delegation of contracting authorityTraining requirements for program coordinators, approving officials and cardholdersSetting of reasonable single purchase and monthly limits and blocking of merchant category codesAnnual reviews to evaluate the number of cardholders and approving officials, cardholder limits and transactionsUses of the card

What is a responsibility of government purchase cardholder?

use of a Government Purchase Card. Cardholders are responsible for the accuracy of information and data they provide to an Approving Official/Certifying Officer in support of a Government Purchase Card purchase. The cardholder is the individual whose name appears on the purchase card/account. Agency/Organization Program Coordinator

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Purchase Card Training The USDA policy training includes Micro-purchase Policy, …

Purchase Card – GSA SmartPay Training

Purchase Card Holders. Purchase cards make it easy for you to buy the things you need for your agency. All Schedule contractors are required to accept the government purchase card for purchases up to the micro-purchase threshold and encouraged to do so for purchases over it.. GSA makes buying with the purchase card easy and efficient, utilizing modern tools to …

DAU Training Course Details

Target Attendees Component Program Managers, Oversight Agency/Organization Program Coordinators, Primary and Alternate Agency/Organization Program Coordinators, Primary and Alternate Approving/Billing Officials, Cardholders, Convenience Check Writers, and Certifying Officers seeking to satisfy mandatory and refresher training for the DoD Purchase …

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Computer-Based Training. DAI Training – GPC. This course is a walk-through simulation of how to set the preferences for a GPC requisition, create and amend a GPC requisition, view your notifications in DAI once the requisition has been approved, run the Document Level Execution Report, and execute Project Status Inquiry to track funding.

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The DoD Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card (GPC) Overview module was designed to help GPC Program participants learn how to make and process GPC transactions in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Objectives Download Course Objectives Target Attendees

Army Government Purchase Card Training

Government Purchase Card Program United States Army Develop Develop knowledgeable program participants through training: Prior to using the card for purchase and/or establishing a managing account ensure that the Defense Acquisition University online Government Purchase Card Tutorial, Ethics Training, and Access Online is completed.

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Purchase Card Training Purchase Card Training (NIHTC Course ID NIHTC9512) 508 Compliance Training: (online via the LMS) – Send questions to [email protected] Green Purchase Training (online via OALM/ACP) – Send questions to [email protected] Purchase Card Refresher Elective (NIHTC Course ID NIHTC2635)