What are the jobs in tourism management?

What are the jobs in tourism management?

Restaurant managerHotel managerTravel agentCasino manager

What is the job description for tourism?

What jobs are there in tourism?Travel Agent. Travel Agents research, plan, and book trips for individuals and groups.Hotel Manager.Spa Manager.Tour Operator.Event & Conference Organiser.Tour Guide.Executive Chef.Sommelier.

What is the difference between hospitality management and tourism?

What Does a Hotel or Restaurant Manager Do?Interview, hire, train, oversee, and sometimes fire employeesOversee the inventory and ordering of food and beverage, equipment, and suppliesMonitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and the overall presentation of foodComply with health and food safety standards and regulations

What is a degree in tourism?

BA in Travel & Tourism ManagementBSc in Travel & Tourism ManagementBBA in Travel & Tourism ManagementBA Tourism StudiesBA in Travel & TourismBachelor of Tourism StudiesCertificate course in Travel & TourismCruise Line Operations and ManagementAirfares & TicketingBachelor of Tourism Administration

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