Walmart Beauty Box Review 每 Fall 2016 每 Trendsetter Box


The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty sample subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI 每 They ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. There are two options you could receive based on age: Trendsetter (under 35) or Classic (35 and over).


Check out my post on the Trendsetter and Classic options to see how to get both options.


This is a review of the Trendsetter Beauty Box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Walmart Beauty Box (Trendsetter Box)

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart. (I*m guessing coupons too).

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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Biore Charcoal Pore Strip 每 Value $1

I*ve been using Biore pore strips for years, and I*m always happy to get more in a box! There*s just something wonderful about a beauty product that gives you a clear before-and-after!

If you haven*t tried these before, I can*t recommend them enough. Just make sure your skin is wet, apply the nose strip, wait 10-15 minutes, then slowly remove and the strip literally takes the dirt and oil out of your clogged pores! Magic!

Village Naturals Therapy Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak 每 2 oz Value $2.32

This bath soak has an intense menthol scent (though, I guess just about anything with menthol in it has an intense menthol scent!).

This can be used for a full bath or a foot bath. I like formula with the exception of the artificial dyes 每 I feel like there was no need to add them to the bath salts.

Burt*s Bees Cleansing Oil 每 Value $.80

I sampled this before thanks to theMay 2016 Target Beauty Box, and I*m a fan.

It*s a very gentle cleanser, great for removing eye makeup, and the natural scent is great, too. If you are new to cleansing oil, you apply it and massage it first to clean dry skin, then introduce warm water to remove it.

Nature*s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies 每 (2 pieces) Value $.20

These were really good! (To be fair, I*m a fan of pretty much any gummy vitamin I come across.)

These gummies have biotin to improve the health of your hair and nails, and they are free of gluten, dairy, etc.

Hello Toothpaste 每 .85 oz Value $.75

I*ve sampled this before thanks to subscription boxes, and I love it. It*s free of artificial dyes and flavors, triclosan and phthalates, too!

I*m still debating whether or not this scent is too sweet for me, but it definitely does the job of a moisturizing body wash!

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream 每 1 oz Value $.75

This is the classic Cetaphil cream 每 unscented and super hydrating without being greasy. I hope they make a paraben-free formula in the future, but I can definitely see why the current formula is popular 每 it made my skin super soft instantly!

Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask 每 1 oz Value $1

This mask is designed to be used in the shower and is steam activated. You can apply it post cleanser, or in place of a cleanser, let it sit for a minute, then scrub off as your rinse. (It has exfoliating beads, too.)

I tried this post-cleanser, and my skin felt cleaner than it does only with cleanser, so I recommend it!

This goes on so smoothly and it*s invisible, too. And the formula is designed to make your skin softer over time.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $8. I think that*s OK for a $5 box, especially because I feel like I got a ton of great travel sized samples. (And I will always be happy to see a Biore Pore Strip in a subscription box! What do you think of the Fall Walmart Beauty Box? Did you get the Classic or Trendsetter box?