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Coin will shut down its product services at the end of February


This was all inevitable, of course. Fitbit has made its plans for Coin clear since it bought the mobile payment company back in May of last year. At the time, the wearable maker announced that it was shutting down the Coin Developer Program, though cards would remain active until their batteries finally ..

Apple’s services are buoying its return to growth as its iPhone engine stalls


It looks like Apple’s big bet on building an array of services like iCloud, Apple Music and the App Store is starting to be the big business the company hoped it would be. Wall Street and Apple had expected to return to growth this quarter following the holiday season, though it was supposed to be […]

Hull aggregates customer data from all your marketing services


Chances are you’re generating a lot of data about your customers, but it’s a mess to get a good overview of their profiles. Hull wants to be the central hub for all of your customer data so that you can better target them. The startup just raised $2.6 million from Alven Capital and Point Nine […]

Soracom launches SIM cards and services easing IoT rollout cost


Soracom’s global data SIM cards are perfect for roaming Internet of Things applications. “Our cloud-first approach is the right fit for both enterprises and startups seeking to deploy secure and scalable IoT experiences in the U.S,” Soracom’s CEO and co-founder Ken Tamagawa says. The company’s ..

iHeartRadio will launch two paid, on-demand music services


iHeartRadio could be getting more competitive with on-demand music services like Apple Music and Spotify next year. Launched by the radio and media company Clear Channel (which has since rebranded as iHeartMedia), iHeartRadio gives users the ability to listen to broadcast radio on their computers and phones, ..

Ibanfirst grabs $11 million to expand beyond foreign exchange services


French startup Ibanfirst is launching its full-fledged banking service for companies. The startup was previously known as FX4BIZ, a sort of TransferWise for business transactions. The company just raised $11 million (€10 million) from Xavier Niel and others. Ibanfirst plans to go much further than ..