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AWS: Amazon Web Service Associate Exam Prep

AWS: Amazon Web Service Associate Exam Prep


This course is practice test with multiple choices questions related to AWS (Amazon Web Service) Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. AWS is aimed for professionals with knowledge in designing distributed applications & systems on the Amazon Web Service platform. AWS Topics Designing ..

Skype is killing off its WiFi service March 31 to focus on ‘core’ features


Skype, the Microsoft-owned service that helped pioneer and popularize the rise of voice and video calls over the internet, is killing off one of the features that it added in later years to try to make the service more ubiquitous, especially among roaming users: on March 31, the company is killing off its WiFi ..

Hivy is an office management service to manage all those startup perks


Have you ever wondered why the snack bowls on the second floor of your fancy startup office never runs out of snacks? Your office manager is most likely in charge of all of this, and sometimes it can be hard for them to keep track of all requests and make sure everything is running smoothly. […]

Field Service Management: Standalone Implementation

Field Service Management: Standalone Implementation


Coresystems Field Service Management is a software solution that encompasses mobile, cloud and integration elements to automate and streamline field service operations. Companies that manage field technicians, or any mobile user working outside of the office executing tasks can benefit from Coresystems ..

Birchbox to launch a second, more personalized beauty subscription service


Subscription beauty service Birchbox is launching a new, pricier tier to its service, offering customers the ability to better customize their monthly box of products, along with other perks. The service, which is only being offered to current subscribers for the time being, is $14 per month, compared ..

There’s now a Disney Princess toy subscription service


Subscription-based toy company entered the Disney accelerator last year with a toy rental business that would ship out toys like Lego, American Girl or Hot Wheels, which could be played with, then kept or returned, starting at $12 per month. Now that the company has exited the program, it’s ..

Yomoni raises $5.4 million for its automated portfolio management service


French startup Yomoni is a promising fintech startup operating robo-advisors. It means that you can give the company some of your savings, and the startup automatically manages a portfolio for you, buying and selling stocks, bonds and more. Yomoni just raised $5.4 million from existing investors Crédit ..

UberEATS launching breakfast service in London


UberEATS, Uber’s on-demand food delivery service, is launching a breakfast offering in London, as it continues to compete with the likes of Deliveroo and Amazon, and ‘buy and deliver anything’ services such as Jinn and Quiqup. Available in zones 1 and 2 in the U.K. capital from tomorrow, the new service ..

Measure raises $15 million to fly drones as a service for other companies


Measure may not be building the ultimate flying camera, or drones that drop burritos at your door. But the Washington D.C.-based startup has raised $15 million in Series B funding to fly drones as a service for other businesses that want to do things like conduct inspections, capture videos, or gather ..

T-Mobile\u2019s Digits calling service is designed to make phone numbers device agnostic


T-Mobile’s pitch is simple, “We’re dragging the phone number into the internet age.” The actual functionality is a bit trickier, which is why the carrier looked to do a little bit of analyst handholding and a consumer Twitter Q&A (at 10:30AM PT today) ahead of launch. The underlying idea is ..