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A green-screen effect, or chroma keying, is nothing new. The technology was first used in Hollywood as early as the 1930s, and is still used today in movies, sports broadcasting and, of course, weather shows. But it’s not really consumer technology — mainly because of the need for an actual green ..

Google Maps redesign puts traffic, transit, places and more at the bottom of the screen


Google Maps is getting an upgrade today aimed at putting the information you need most often within easier reach in the app’s interface. With a swipe up from the home screen, you’ll now be able to view things like the current traffic conditions – and how that impacts your ETAs to home and work ..

Facebook Stories puts a Snapchat clone above the News Feed


Instagram put a dent in Snapchat by placing its own version of Snapchat Stories atop its feed, and now Facebook is doing the same. Today Facebook launched Facebook Stories in Ireland on iOS and Android, with plans to bring it to more countries in the coming months. The feature lets you share ephemeral ..

H2O’s Deep Water puts deep learning in the hands of enterprise users


To complement existing offerings like Sparkling Water and Steam, is releasing Deep Water, a new tool to help businesses make deep learning a part of everyday operations. Deep Water will open up new possibilities for the TensorFlow, MXNet and Caffe communities to engage with This also ..

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Hello Egg puts a friendly voice-powered cooking assistant in your kitchen


Alexa is going to at least own the living room, and there’s a good bet that it’s going to own the whole home. But that’s not stopping RnD64, a small company building a small little black voice-powered black egg, from trying to get in the kitchen first. Related Articles I drove BMW's prototype ..

Student’s iDentifi app puts object recognition in the hands of the visually impaired


For someone who is blind or partially sighted, everyday tasks can be a pain — choosing the right can from the pantry, for instance, or picking up the right book from the table. A smartphone could help them with this kind of problem, of course, if it knew how to identify objects and describe them […]

Facetune 2 puts a powerful photo editor in your pocket


The original Facetune app made it easy and fast to make your selfies look next-level awesome. Lightricks just released a fully revamped version 2 of Facetune, complete with automatic 3D meshing built in, which makes it possible to have another level of editing prowess at your fingertips. Facetune 2 is available ..

KwiltKeys Keyboard for iOS Puts Photos From Various Apps At Your Fingertips


Have you ever wished that you could quickly access your photos from 3rd party apps on your iPhone as quickly as you access your Camera Roll photos? KwiltKeys is a new third-party keyboard for iOS that helps you quickly find and select photos that are stored both on your device and through different services. ..

Photographer Puts the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus Through Their Paces in Iceland


While everybody was still speculating and chasing after rumors about the then unofficial iPhone 6, photographer Austin Mann was hopping a plane to Iceland with a 5S, 6 and 6 Plus in tow. His mission was to test these three phones out side-by-side and see if the major tech updates Apple made to the camera ..