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Robert F. Rider, PLC. Publishes Information on College Students and Alcohol Use


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 80 percent of college students consume alcohol, with approximately 50 percent engaging in binge drinking. Many students engaging in this behavior aren’t of legal age to consume alcohol, and students charged with underage drinking ..

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Paint My Teez Publishes Birthday Party Ideas Which Are Sure to Be a Hit


Parents often find they spend a fortune hosting a child’s birthday party. Parents.com conducted a survey of popular locations for a child’s party and found cost varies greatly by location, items included, and more. Parents tired of shelling out $495 for a birthday party at Kidsville, a child’s ..

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WhatsOnOregon Publishes New Listings of Christmas Events, Soccer Tickets and More


With Christmas coming and the night’s drawing in, entertainment venues seek to get the maximum life and light out of the darkest season by putting on a huge range of events – so much so it can be hard to find out about everything and sort through them to see which will be worth attending. ..

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Hot Promo Code Coupon Publishes New Batch of Great Coupon Offers on Technology and Gadgets


Technology is evolving and changing at breakneck speed, while the economy remains slow to recover. In order to keep pace with the rapidly developing technology world, more people than ever require special incentives and promotional offers to justify investing in flagship products. Finding these offers ..

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Jason Shaw Publishes New Editorial on Carbonite Cloud Storage, Including Money Saving Offers and More


The internet allows people to access all kinds of information and opinion, yet for many they simply choose to find the information they already know and the opinions they already agree with. For those of a more studious outlook, there is Examiner. The site helps experts share their insights, experience ..

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Gmailfaxguide.com Publishes Guide on How to Use Gmail to Send and Receive Fax


Recently Gmailfaxguide.com published a guide on how use Google fax service. This guide was well received by readers, especially those who were using this service for the first time. According to Gmailfaxguide.com, many businesses are now turning to online faxing as it allows them to cut unnecessary costs ..

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Cool Promotion Code Publishes the Latest Offers and Discounts on Verizon, AT&T and More


With the economy recovering slowly and technological innovation seemingly accelerating all the time, there has never been a time where coupons, promotions and discounts have been more necessary to enable the majority of people to keep pace with change. Finding these coupon codes however can be like searching ..

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Mintec Systems Publishes Enlightening New Selection of Custom Software Case Studies


Mintec Systems, one of Australia’s leading custom software development firms, announced the publication of a number of new case studies on the company’s website. Taken together, the studies give valuable insights into how custom-made software can benefit businesses and organizations by fitting ..

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Wolfwebgroup.com Publishes Information About Penalties Associated with DUI Conviction


Wolfwebgroup.com, an online resource dedicated to providing information about DUI lawyers in Virginia, recently published an updated article about the penalties associated with drunk driving in Virginia. A spokesperson for Wolfwebgroup.com stated that the website was specifically created to help individuals ..

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Auto Insurance Online Italy Publishes New Editorial on Extreme Weather Insurance for Winter


Auto Insurance (assicurazione auto) is a legal requirement in Italy, but much more than that, it is the only way to keep a car fully protected when out on the road. Without insurance, any incident, even a minor prang, can rack up an impressive bill and leave people out of pocket. Finding the best insurance ..