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Former TechShop CEO Mark Hatch joins Network Society Ventures as General Partner


Early-stage venture firm Network Society Ventures has snagged TechShop’s former CEO and co-founder Mark Hatch as general partner. Hatch is recognized as a pioneer of the maker movement, is a current entrepreneur in residence at UC Berkeley, and is a former Green Beret. For those who don’t know ..

The Markforged Mark X lets you teleport precision custom parts from designer to printer


The promise of 3D printing has been kind of a dud. Aside from a few cool Yoda heads and some small plastic pieces, there have been no “indie” players doing much interesting in the space except Markforged. Markforged is a Boston company we featured last year that makes carbon-fiber reinforced plastic ..

Diving Into the Numbers: Is the Canon 7D Mark II as Bad as DxOMark Says it Is?


After much anticipation and positive initial reports about the new Canon 7D Mark II, DxOMark’s review of the camera’s sensor was met with some shock. According to their tests, the Mark II’s sensor was on par with the 5-year-old Nikon D300s, and even fell behind smaller Micro Four Thirds ..

Canon 5D Mark IV Review Through the Eyes of a Wedding Photographer


This is a review of the Canon 5D Mark IV. My name is Albert Palmer, and I’m a professional wedding photographer who uses my cameras at least 1 to 3 times a week — often for 10 to 12 hours a day and in quite challenging conditions. They get thrown about, knocked, and occasionally dropped […]

A Hands-On Preview of the Canon 1D X Mark II… and a Glimpse of ISO 409600


The arrival of Canon’s new flagship is hardly a surprise: the early leaking of the 1D X Mark II specifications and images online must surely have rankled at Canon. But the important thing is that the 1D X Mark II is finally here! Conditions at the press venue were crappy but I had to share […]