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ZTE kills its crowdsourced phone Kickstarter campaign


Project CSX was a nice enough idea: Get the smartphone community engaged and excited and maybe even gather some good, outside-the-box ideas for mobile devices along the way. In a sense, the project was ZTE’s attempt to foster the sort of community excitement we’ve seen around young companies like ..

How to fail at Kickstarter — even if you get funded


Gareth Everard Contributor Gareth Everard is co-founder of Rockwell Razors. The golden age of irrational exuberance on Kickstarter has ended — Pebble is shutting down, marking the fall of crowdfunding’s white knight after a string of other high-profile closures and failures. Originally positioned ..

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Pebble’s story, from Kickstarter sensation to Fitbit acquisition


Lume Cube is back on Kickstarter with a smartphone-friendly light source


When Lume Cube first crashed into the world’s consciousness, they did so with an $80 smartphone-controlled, waterproof light aimed at the GoPro-loving extreme sports market. Today, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign for Life Lite, its followup. Life Lite is 33 percent less bright, but also ..