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Facebook Messenger launches 6-screen group video chat with selfie masks


Teen app sensation Houseparty will get some competition as Facebook Messenger is launching its own split-screen group video chat feature. Six users can appear in split-screen at the time and don Snapchat-style selfie masks, while 50 total can listen and talk over voice while sending text, stickers, ..

Fam lets you do group videochats directly within iMessage


In my opinion, one of FaceTime’s major flaws is the lack of group video chat. Sure, apps like Skype, ooVoo and now Messenger let you do group video chats, but it’s just not as seamless as FaceTime. And while Houseparty has also recently entered the group video chat race, they are focused more on providing ..

Google’s Project Fi gets a group plan


Project Fi, Google’s wireless service, is getting a group plan today. While most cell services let you choose a “family plan,” which typically entails the ability to include additional lines at a discount, Fi didn’t yet offer this option. Like you would expect from Fi, it’s all pretty straightforward ..

Facebook Messenger adds group chat Polls and AI payment suggestions


Facebook’s chat app wants to help you and your friends decide where to go for dinner or what movie to see, then use machine learning to remind you to pay them back. Today Messenger users on iOS and Android in the US get two new features which could roll out to other countries if they […]

FireChat brings private group chat to its off-grid messaging service


FireChat, the messaging service from Disrupt Battlefield finalist Open Garden that allows you to chat with people around you even when there is no regular Internet connection, is getting a major update today. This new version of FireChat introduces private group chats on top of its existing private ..

Hyperloop One gains $50 million in funding from DP World Group of Dubai


Hyperloop One is getting even cozier with its partners in the United Arab Emirates. The futuristic transportation system that aims to ship things and people faster than a speeding plane just pulled in $50 million in strategic investment led by DP World Group of Dubai, bringing up the total raised to $160 ..

Entoro Group acquires Offerboard, a platform for soliciting investments in private businesses


Entoro Group today announced that it has acquired OfferBoard, a company that removes barriers from the process of raising capital. OfferBoard isn’t AngelList nor FundersClub. It’s a platform designed to make crowdfunding work for growth capital. But instead of tech startups, the company supports ..