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Bulletproof Playing Cards Has “Rivered” Its Kickstarter Campaign


Sly Kly Design, the Utah-based inventions company, has today announced that their Kickstarter campaign, which aims to mass-produce their new and improved Carbon Fiber and Kevlar hybrid playing cards, has thus far been a success. Having raised $13,000 in just the first twenty-hours, the Sly Kly playing ..

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Envision Frames Launches Campaign to Give Eyeglasses to Those in Need and Now Accepting Bitcoin


Envision Frames a new philanthropic startup coming out of beta has released its “Eye For An Eye” program which gives a new pair of eyeglasses to those in need for every pair purchased on it’s website. Envision Frames made this possible by implementing many payment systems for users ..

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HotelCoupons.com Begins New Year’s Resolution with Post Card Campaign


In a way to connect with their valued customers, HotelCoupons.com has established a new campaign to honor their New Year’s Resolution. As a leading platform for last minute hotel deals throughout the USA, the website is starting the year with a blank map of the country and is hoping to collect ..

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Experience French “Little Venice” by Supporting a Crowdfunding Campaign


A leading French Real Estate agency, Boutemy Immobilier, is offering Indiegogo backers a rare opportunity to experience Port Grimaud, a lakeside village in France, commonly known as French Venice. The agency is seeking to raise €60,000 (about $91,000) to purchase a boat needed to operate boat tours ..

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LT Organics Launches Campaign to Donate Portion of Proceeds to Cancer Charity


Argan Oil has been making headlines for quite some time due to its cosmetic rejuvenation benefits; however, recently conducted testing noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicates this substance may also hold potential in the world of cancer treatment. In honor of this discovery, ..

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Nash Keller Media Launches Campaign to Reach Local Businesses and Improve Web Sites


While it comes as no surprise to most people in the marketing and advertising industry, recent industry statistics now confirm suspicions that when it comes to building traffic and keeping visitors on web pages, load time plays a primary role. Recent industry statistics show 40% of all web users leave ..

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Maizhk Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce Hand Painted and 3D Printed Japanese Penguin Bracelets


The popularity of 3D printing has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Hong Kong based organization Maizhk comprises of a group of 3d printing enthusiasts dedicated to representing their lives through beautiful things that surround them. The organization has recently come up with the idea of making ..

Apple Adds 8 New Videos to its ‘Shot on iPhone’ Campaign


Over the weekend saw the inclusion of a pair of new video ads for Apple Music, but Apple has also added a few new additions to its “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign. Apple has added eight new quick videos for its ad campaign, which features a wide range of content, this time including penguins, all […]

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LivHome Atlanta Announces Campaign to Promote Compassionate Medical Care Options


The baby boomer generation, an estimated 78 million people, has now reached retirement age. This fact and the increase in life expectancy in general, is now causing many experts to agree that a severe overload of the American health care system is possible. Many worry about how the existing system will ..

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PITT Creations Launched Its KickStarter Campaign to Fund the PITT SPORTBELT; a Revolutionary Wearable Workout System for Everyone


Nick Peeters, the owner and concept developer at PITT Creations, has recently launched a KickStarter campaign for his latest concept: the PITT SPORTBELT. Nick hopes to raise $28,421 (= €25,000) by Wednesday, Mar 4 2015. The raised money will help in finalizing the particles and producing the PITT SPORTBELT, ..