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Cesar Ndorerwanayo Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Provide Free Tech Education for the Poor


Cesar Ndorerwanayo is the owner of The Youth Progress, an organization dedicated to improving people’s lives in the poor African nations. He was born in Rwanda, a nation that has always been technologically backward. Cesar was just five years old when the Rwandan genocide took place. This resulted ..

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Bright Ideas USA Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start the Production of Tiny N’ Mighty Bike Light System


For over a decade, Bright Ideas USA LLC has been selling bike lights both as a retailer and a wholesaler. The company has always paid attention to their customers’ thoughts to improve their products which leads to bigger and brighter ideas to serve their customers better. All these ideas were put together ..

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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for New Health Supplement That Can Help Improve Health


A campaign has been launched to help with the manufacturing of a new revolutionary ol-Scienta health supplement that will help people find a new and effective way to prevent diseases and live longer. The mission of Sol-Scienta is to raise awareness worldwide that diseases can be prevented with the help ..

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Kibisi Douglas Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support African Music Video Production Educational Project


Over the years, African music has passed on from one generation to another by words of mouth through one-on-one training. However, unfortunately, the drawback of this approach is that many highly talented musicians are not able to leave behind their legacy in this way. Through African Music Video Production ..

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Mark Sproston Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Automatic Foam Delivery Shaving System Named Neo Razor


Mark Sproston is an experienced wet shave specialist popularly known as The Shavedoctor. Over the last eight years, Mark has trained barbers, hair and beauty professionals on performing high class professional wet shave. Having shaved over 60,000 men from all ages, skin and facial hair types, Mark and his team ..

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Surfside Gets a New Look and Travel Campaign to Help Build Its Visibility


Constructed around a straightforward yet fun graphic identity, “Simply Surfside” is a campaign that consists of a new town logo, new town signage, banners, tourist website, videos and print ads. The city of Surfside was often overlooked by tourists and locals because of the two other cities ..

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A Global Campaign of Falling in Love of Laughter Is Helping to Reduce Stress Levels


Falling in Love Of Laughter also known, as Falling in LOL is a powerful global weapon against the stress and a powerful tool for healthier and happier living. The Falling in LOL website (www.fallinginlol.com) is an important self-help, therapeutic, social tool that helps people go through various stressful ..

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Winkworth Spain Kicks off 2015 with an International Marketing Campaign


Winkworth Spain is pleased to announce a new International property marketing campaign for February 2015 with two well-established and prestigious publications, The Resident Magazine in London and Marbella Rocks Magazine in Marbella, Spain. This campaign comes on the back of the news that the property ..

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Celebridge Announces $1.2 Million Promotional Giveaway Campaign


Celebridge, a New York City based internet technology company, launches a new $1.2 million promotional giveaway campaign focused on the company’s effort to create an unique yet exciting online social experience for its customers. “We announce huge giveaway to all excited about our company. ..

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Sascha Geyer Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support Kent a US Soldier Who Is in Serious Trouble


Zurich, Switzerland – This is the story of a US soldier who is in serious trouble, trapped in Nigeria after a miscommunication and several serious health problems left him hospitalized and near death. Kent, a native of Los Angeles, left his US Marine Corps base in a Nigeria for a short vacation ..