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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Fashion Company to Make Men Stylish


The worlds menswear industry was expected to exceed $402 billion in 2014 and in the last five years the growth of men’s fashion has outpaced that of womenswear. Men are becoming more invested in how they look and are showing it in how the way they dress. However, there has always been one accessory ..

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Stephen Sacks Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Trackase, Fully Traceable and Lightweight Luggage


According to figures released by a well known aviation communications and technology company, 21.8 million bags were mishandled last year by different airlines all over the world. This means almost seven bags were mishandled for each thousand passengers. As a result, many travelers are extremely apprehensive ..

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Arizona Mom Launches Kickstarter Campaign Healthy Snack Box for Kids


An Arizona mom wants to make it as easy as possible for parents to introduce unique and delicious snacks to their kids and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to deliver snacks to anyone’s door once a month. Parents want to be active when it comes to their child’s diet. They want to have ..

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Marco Zagaria Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Start Mass Production of Egloo Candle Powered Heater


Egloo is an excellent solution to continuous waste of electricity while heating rooms. A candle-powered heater, Egloo will take advantage of the heat retention capacity of terracotta to provide a cheaper and more ecological energy alternative. Terracotta is a non-metallic, inorganic compound with a high ..

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HG Strickland Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support the Marketing of Conx2share APP


Your smartphone now has the potential of becoming even smarter, thanks to Conx2share, a Toronto based company with an international team of innovators and developers. Conx2share is a new one-stop mobile application that controls virtually all digital communication. “Conx2share has developed a powerful ..

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Indiegogo Campaign Started for the Launch of Raw Food Living Magazine


Raw Food Living Magazine is the brainchild of Brian, the Executive Editor of Veritas Magazine. The last two issues of Veritas Magazine has received excellent feedback with the inclusion of a new section on raw food living. This success has inspired Brian and his team to create the Raw Food Living Magazine, ..

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CommuniGator Now Offers Campaign Authoring Tools for Effective B2B Email Marketing


Well-known as one of the leading email marketing software providers in the UK, CommuniGator is now offering its latest rapid campaign authoring tool to its clients. Through this authoring tool, one can easily cut down the time that is required to build a professional and responsive email campaign, creating ..

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Marty Vanderhoek Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Smart Lite: A Truck Safety Accessory That Will Save Lives and Reduce Injuries


Smart Lite is a commercial truck safety product that virtually eliminates the front end blind spots that professional drivers of large trucks contend with every day as they drive their trucks across the busiest roads in North America. Statistics show that over 60% of all semi trailer truck accidents ..

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Market of Heroes Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Heroes Cards


Market of Heroes has unveiled a beautifully rendered line of heroes depicted on playing cards spread across two different decks of cards. Each deck contains 54 fully customized playing cards each, designed and produced by the talented artists at Market of Heroes. This is seen as just the first phase ..

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Jaasta Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Breakthrough E Ink Keyboard and Zero Sound Mouse to Market


The idea of a dynamic E Ink Keyboard is one that moves a great many people to the edge of their seat with excitement. The ability to change keys based on the software being used, clearly breaks through a wall set by conventional keyboards, and could speed up both productivity and learning speed to levels ..