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Gfresh raises $20 million to transform the way seafood is bought and sold


Seafood consumption is soaring in China, along with increases in average disposable income there. But live, edible fish and shellfish are challenging to buy, sell and transport across borders within and beyond China. As a result of the complexities in shipping live fish, and complying with health and customs ..

Will photo art phenom Prisma raise or get bought?


Prisma morphs your photos into fine art like Picasso or Mondrian, and it’s blowing up the iOS app charts. Today it came out in unofficial APK beta on Android. But what will be the fate of this red-hot social product? We’ve heard Prisma is in talks with investors about raising funding, but it might ..

I Bought a Holga Digital. Here's a Hands-On Review.


I bought a Holga Digital through the Kickstarter fundraising campaign in August 2015. It is a fairly early model, so by the time you read this there might have been some tweaks or firmware updates. I have never owned the original film Holga (or any medium format camera for that matter), so this review ..