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Apple’s iMessage App Store already has over 1,650 apps, majority are sticker packs


In just over a week, Apple’s iMessage App Store has grown to over 1,650 applications and sticker packs – more than the original iPhone had at launch as well as the 1,000 total that were ready for iPad at the time of its debut, but far less than the 3,500+ the Watch App Store arrived with last ..

Apple also released watchOS 3 today and here\u2019s what\u2019s new


Today has been a massive Apple update day. The company released iOS 10, tvOS 10 and also watchOS 3. After announcing it at WWDC, it’s finally here — and it’s a huge update. I won’t mention all the changes with watchOS 3. Instead, I’ll focus on three topics — speed, app switching and watch ..

Apple works to fit the smart home under a single roof


Wait for others to take the first steps, let things mature a bit, then swoop in with a simpler, more unified solution. It’s the first entry on the first page of the Apple playbook. And it tends to work like a charm. If you’re reading this, odds are pretty good that you’re in possession of […]

Twitter launches on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One


Twitter needs to figure out a way to continue to grow — and it certainly seems open to looking into a lot of new places outside your phone to figure out how to do that. Today, the company said it is launching an app on the Apple TV, Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV, which […]

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Review: Apple tees up the future with iPhone 7


With 500M downloads, Pok\u00e9mon Go is coming to the Apple Watch


Oh boy, here we go — John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, just told the world that Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch on stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 event. The game has become one of the most successful game launches of all time (if not the most successful game launch of all […]

Apple stays in school, donating 54,500 iPads to students and teachers


Ever since Steve Jobs brought the Apple II to the classroom, Apple has created and distributed tech to win over young users where they first learn about computers and coding, their schools. The company announced a continuation of that legacy today at a press event in San Francisco. There, CEO Tim Cook ..

Apple *officially* unveils the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


We already know that it’s water resistant, has stereo speakers, and has a brand new camera (because Apple accidentally tweeted about it earlier today). But Apple is finally unveiling the next-gen iPhone officially, and everything seems fairly in line with what rumors have been suggesting all summer. ..

Apple kills headphone jack (1878 – 2016). RIP.


With the newest iPhone 7, Apple is saying buh-bye to a technology that’s been going strong for almost 140 years. It has served us well, but the Cupertino-based maven today announced it decided that enough is enough. The future, it seems, is Bluetooth and Lightning cables. Apple doesn’t have the, ..

Apple’s iPhone 7 storage finally starts at 32GB


The iPhone’s base-level storage — starting at 16GB — has been a sticking point for quite a while. More and more content has become available over time in the form of video, apps and photos, and it can be a big limiting factor forcing users to shell out extra cash in order to skirt those […]