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Bank of America Now Lets You Withdraw Cash From ATMs Using Apple Pay


You can now withdraw cash from your Bank of America account using Apple Pay. Users on Reddit have already begun to see compatible ATM machines throughout America, like the one pictured above in Redondo Beach, California. “Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay can be used to make withdrawals and transfers ..

Relaxed FDI Rules Pave the Way for Apple to Open Retail Stores in India


The Indian government today announced some reforms for its rules on foreign direct investment (FDI) that paves the way for Apple to open its direct retail stores in the country. The latest reform from the Indian government allows any company to open its direct stores in the country without sourcing 30% of the products ..

Apple Maps Transit Info Now Available in Denver, Colorado


Apple has taken a slow-and-steady pace when it comes to rolling out new cities that support transit directions within its stock Maps app, but the process of adding new cities and regions continues. Apple has recently added Denver, Colorado — the state’s capital — to its growing list of cities that ..

Concept Shows What an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Looks Like with an OLED Touch Bar


Rumor has it that Apple plans on launching the biggest upgrade to its MacBook Pro lineup to date, which will reportedly include an OLED touch bar above the keyboard. That touch bar will apparently replace the physical function keys, instead opting to use an OLED bar for touch controls to manipulate display ..

You can use an iPad as an iOS 10 Home Hub, not Just the 4th-Gen Apple TV


Apple’s focus on a smart, connected home has only improved with the unveiling if iOS 10, thanks to a new, dedicated app called Home. It’s a natural evolution from HomeKit, which acts as the underlying platform to connect smart devices like lightbulbs, the garage door, locks, and more. And with the unveiling ..

Apple’s and the World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Apps for Earth’ Raise $8 Million


Back in April of this year, Apple and the World Wildlife Fund launched a major initiative that saw apps used as a means to raise money for conservation. Now, Apple and the WWF have officially announced that the initiative raised more than $8 million in total proceeds to support the latter’s conservation ..

Apple’s Jony Ive Earns an Honorary Degree in Science from Cambridge for Design Work


Apple’s Jony Ive has been working on designing products for Apple for quite some time, and Cambridge has awarded him with an honorary degree for it. For the University of Cambridge an honorary degree is the highest honor that can be given to an individual, and they’ve just handed it out to seven ..

An Apple Executive has Explained Why iMessage Isn’t Available for Android


iMessage is one of those features for iOS that Apple uses as a major focal point, and it appears it’s going to stay an iOS-only feature for at least a while longer. Still, that hasn’t stopped the Rumor Mill from suggesting the feature could land on other, competing platforms. Like Google’s Android. ..

Apple’s Influence Leads to Removal of Rifle Emoji from Unicode 9.0


Thanks to Apple, we are not going to get a rifle emoji anytime soon. Unicode, the organisation responsible behind adding and managing emojis was considering adding a rifle emoji, but thanks to Apple decided against it. Apple is one of the largest member of the Unicode and has considerable influence in the organisation. ..

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Wholesale-Iphone-6.com Announces Apple Christmas Deals with Great Discounts on iPhone 6 and New iPad Air 2


For Christmas shoppers, Wholesale-iphone-6.com announces new discount offers on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 devices. People can purchase these Apple gadgets for their own use or for gifting purposes and can take advantage of the discount prices. The leading online Apple store sells a range ..