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Apple to release $1k iPhone with curved screen and USB-C, WSJ says


Apple is said to have something special planned for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and rumors have circulated for months speculating on different features. This report by the WSJ is the most detailed yet, citing anonymous sources who state there will be a high-end version of the next iPhone that ..

Apple says iOS 10.2.1 has reduced unexpected iPhone 6s shutdown issues by 80%


Over the past couple of iPhone versions users have complained of “unexpected” shutdowns of their devices. Some iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus devices could basically go dark unexpectedly, forcing a user to have to plug them into an outlet to get them to power back on. Apple has been working on this ..

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Apple assembling devices in India won’t mean cheaper iPhones yet


Apple appears to be moving forward with plans to begin assembling its phones in India, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its prices will drop in the country. India’s Economic Times today reported that Apple will begin assembling the iPhone SE in the coming months in Karnataka, adding more detail ..

Apple’s next iPhone might cost more than $1000 thanks to OLED displays


iPhone rumor season is upon us — as if it ever ends — and the latest claims that the next iPhone will cost upwards of $1000 (at least, for the most expensive model). To be clear, that isn’t a huge deal considering that the top-of-the-line iPhone currently costs more than $900. Still, Fast Company ..

iPhone 7 sales helped Apple reclaim the top spot in the global smartphone market


iPhone 7 sales put Apple back on top as the world’s top smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, which attributed at least some of the growth to Apple’s ability to capitalize on Samsung’s recent missteps. The latter, of course, is referring to the Note ..

Apple’s services are buoying its return to growth as its iPhone engine stalls


It looks like Apple’s big bet on building an array of services like iCloud, Apple Music and the App Store is starting to be the big business the company hoped it would be. Wall Street and Apple had expected to return to growth this quarter following the holiday season, though it was supposed to be […]

Apple shares up 3% after company beats earnings expectations


Apple’s latest quarter surpassed earnings expectations, sending the stock up about 3% in initial after-hours trading. Its fiscal first quarter of 2017 saw record earnings of $3.36 per share, well above the $3.21 forecast by Wall Street. Revenue also beat, coming in at $78.4 billion, versus the $77.3 ..

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Apple aims to up its AI smarts with iCloud user data in iOS 10.3


The next version of Apple’s mobile platform will include an opt-in for iOS users to share their iCloud data in order to help the company improve software products, such as its voice-powered virtual assistant, Siri. The iOS 10.3 beta was released earlier this week. A note about the forthcoming change, ..

Apple has allegedly begun removing Iranian iOS apps from the App store


Reports coming out of Iran suggest that Apple has allegedly started removing iOS apps originating from the country’s startups and developers. Prior to this, Apple had, in a limited manner, opened up its App Store to Iranians in September 2016 and appeared to be gradually lifting some of the limitations, ..

Lyft surges to the top 10 on Apple’s App Store following the #DeleteUber campaign


Lyft’s app has surged in the App Store thanks to the “Delete Uber” campaign which took place via social media over the weekend. People were angry that Uber appeared to be taking advantage of a taxi strike at JFK in order to promote its car-hailing service. The company had tweeted that surge ..