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Google Apps For Work Intros App Recommendations After Hitting 2 Million Paid Customer Milestone


Two million businesses have signed up and paid to use the Google for Work program. Now Google is beefing up the service by recommending apps that pass their reliability and security metrics to provide even more value back to their business customers. Google’s timing is perfect. When its competition ..

Google Play App Store Slated For Launch In China Next Year


Reuters reports that the tech company will comply with laws and regulations about filtering content under the country’s Communist party. Earlier this month, it was reported that Google is returning its services to China. Now, the tech company is one step closer to delivering. Reuters is reporting ..

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WishAlerts Announces first “Interactive-Commerce” App for Mobile-Shoppers and Merchants – Transforms Mobile Commerce with “Interactive-Commerce” Platform


WishAlerts is set to revolutionize mobile commerce by launching the first “interactive-commerce” app that takes social commerce to the next level. The WishAlerts app directly connects mobile shoppers (wish-makers) with nearby merchants (wish-grantors) giving complete control to both parties while ..

Not Slacking: Slack Launches App Directory, New API For Creating Bots


Slack, with 2 million daily users, is not slacking off in developing its productivity app. Slack has created an app directory that categorizes the 150 integrations available to the service, along with new APIs. Productivity app Slack had a nice year, with the company stating that it now has 2 million ..

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Myhyperhidrosis.com Launches an App That Allows to Keep a Tab on Excess Sweating


Although hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is not considered as a life-threatening medical condition, an individual suffering from the same can have a really tough time. According to the results of a sweat survey conducted by the International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS) in 2008, an approximate 33 percent ..

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Gullak: Cut Short Expenses & Save Up to 30% of Monthly Expenses with This App


Exclusive expense manager mobile application Gullak has entered the market and it would change the way people plan their monthly budget. Within a very short span of time, the app has already crossed a figure of 10 Lac downloads. Based on a unique technology, the new mobile application enables the users ..

Apple Reports Record-Breaking App Store Performance As Customers Spent $1.1 Billion On Apps This Holiday Season


Apple’s App Store was on fire this holiday season, breaking all previous records in its entire history. Customers spent a whopping $1.1 billion in the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s, and that’s only a fraction of the total App Store purchases registered in 2015. Apple had a very ..