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Walmart’s app will now let Pharmacy and Money Services customers skip the line


Walmart is today rolling out an updated app that will allow those visiting the store’s Pharmacy or Money Services desk to skip having to wait in line, the company says. After entering their personal information in the app, customers can order prescription refills or fill out other necessary paperwork ..

Dating app Sapio wants you to think harder about swiping right


There is an inherent problem that plagues all dating apps. The world is getting smaller — instead of choosing a mate from the pool of our college classmates or neighborhood friends, we’re now connected to everyone on the planet with a few taps of the thumb. This means that dating apps rarely run short ..

App Store bug boosts paid apps over subscriptions in the top charts


A number of smaller, paid applications scored a spot on the App Store’s Top Grossing chart over the weekend in what may have been either the test of a new App Store algorithm or a fairly significant bug. The issue began on Friday, and only seemed to affect the Top Grossing apps, but not the other ..

Neverthink is a video app for when you really want to lean back


Neverthink might just be the most ‘lean back’ online video experience yet. The site (and as of today, iOS app) takes content sourced from YouTube, Reddit and elsewhere and re-packages it into non-skippable channels. The result is a TV-like experience that, say its creators, is more “on-demand distraction” ..

Toymail adds an app store for its cuddly mobiles for kids


Internet of Things startup Toymail, which sells connected plush toys to parents of younger kids who want them to have a playful alternative to a mobile phone, has now launched an app store. How does a plush toy with no screen run apps, you might wonder? These are exclusively audio apps — in keeping ..

Booksy, the mobile-first booking app for appointment-based businesses, raises $4.2M


Booksy, an app that enables appointment-based businesses such as hairdressers and beauty salons to take online bookings and operate other aspects of their business, has closed $4.2 million in Series A funding. The round was led by OpenOcean, with participation from Australian company builder and early-stage ..

Kinetise now lets you download the code you make in their drag and drop app creator


The world of mobile development is a hairy one. You can code things yourself and hurt your brain on React Native or you can use a drag-and-drop editor and get locked into one platform forever. But now app development house Kinetise is offering the best of both worlds. Kinetise, who I’ve talked about ..

Reshopper is an app for parents to buy and sell used items


Once in a while I come across a company that seems like a complete no-brainer. An idea that induces a ‘why hasn’t this been done already’ moment. That was certainly the case when I jumped on a call with Aja Guldhammer Henderson, CEO of Reshopper, a Danish startup that has built a mobile app for parents ..

Hater, an app for finding someone who dislikes the same things as you, to expand beyond dating


Not a fan of Trump? Can’t stand country music? Think selfie culture is the worst? Wouldn’t go camping if someone paid you? Bonding over the things you hate can be more powerful than bonding over what you like, studies have shown. Now, a new dating app called Hater can help you find better matches ..

TesLab is the companion app Tesla owners have been waiting for


Tesla actually makes a lot of data available to vehicle owners via APIs and other endpoints, but it’s not always easy to find and make use of that info. Enter TesLab, a new app that tracks data and links it to your profile, while also letting you share it out to a community of other […]