Silicon Valley Innovation Center Organized Another Comprehensive Executive Training “Design Thinking for Education: How to Raise Future Innovators”


Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC), which is known worldwide for organizing educational events and executive trainings, has completed the Design Thinking program. This comprehensive and innovative training, started from November 28th to December 7th, consisted of one week lectures and visits in Silicon Valley and Washington.

This executive program focused on design thinking in k-12 education and invited all executives, CEOs and school principles of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) –  a large school network in Kazakhstan.

The intention behind the program provided by SVIC was to introduce all the school educational leaders from NIS to the most innovative schools in the US. These leaders exchanged ideas and knowledge about how to foster innovation and implement the creative teaching methodologies in the current educational system in NIS.

The program consisted of seminars where educational leaders from Kazakhstan learnt  from design thinking experts such as Leon Segal and Scott Underwood (Ex-IDEO) about development of design thinking and creative approach to teaching to support the innovators of the future.

The visits included the tours of innovation centers at Stanford University. There were  several presentation sessions teaching about how to improve the teaching methodologies in schools and introduce creative methods. During Google education visit the group was taught about how to design the effective curriculum to meet the needs of a teacher as well as a student.

A seminar by Dr. Milton Chen focused on how to transform a classroom into the favorite place of a student so that he/she never feels like escaping the classroom and it  provided a solution to the most common educational problems in a very creative way.

Dr. Mark Silver, head of Hillbrook school and Bill Sedak, Director of Technology shared his ideas of bringing innovation to reconstruct the old and boring school day routine into something attractive and useful. Similarly, Bayside stem academy team talked about the roles of students, teachers and leaders in promoting design thinking and implementing creativity at educational institutes.

Some other prominent seminars and presentations included Silicon Schools Fund seminar with their CEO Brian Greenberg and Partner Caitrin Wright, “Seven things you can do tomorrow for the development of design thinking” by Red lab expert Dr. Maureen Carroll, “Design Thinking: Project City X project” by Ideaco with CEO Libby Falck, “The most current innovation in K-12 education” by Managing Editor Tony Wan, and Art & Design Thinking Camp seminar with founder Kim Mesa.

SVIC once again proved to be a bridge between innovation centers of the United States and CIS countries. Executive trainings and business trips that we organize for our overseas partners are a great way to foster innovation all over the world. – the president  of Silicon Valley Innovation Center Andrey Kunov said.

About NIS
Autonomous Educational Organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” (NIS) are an initiative of the government of Kazakhstan intended to educate the future intellectual leaders of the country. NIS accepts talented, motivated students, with the aim of developing them into critical thinkers and independent learners.

About SVIC
Silicon Valley Innovation Center is advancing and fostering innovation through executive programs, seminars, workshops and business representation in Silicon Valley. These programs facilitate open exchange of ideas that encourage business growth through innovation.

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