Mint Condition Fitness Announces Customized Training Program for the New Year


The approach of the holidays marks the coming of the New Year – when people set resolutions and focus on achieving their goals. Many people make their health a New Year’s resolution – and that’s exactly the expertise of Mint Condition Fitness. Their facility specializes in exercise and fitness through the service of their personal trainers in Philadelphia – who are labeled the best by their clients who have seen the results. Customers who want to get fit for the New Year can depend on the company’s customized training program, which adheres to the specific health goals of each individual.

Depending on the health needs of the client, the program is set up to revolve around the improvement of the body and mind. The Mint Condition Fitness personal trainers will work with the client to decide on what training would be right for his or her physique. Hard work, professionalism, and the vast knowledge of fitness principles are what have made the personal trainers at the Mint Condition Fitness gym successful.

Mint Condition Fitness has training options for nearly every type of fitness goal, whether it be losing weight, correcting an injury, gaining muscle, or nutritional control. The Philly-native personal trainers advise their clients on the best wellness curricula to fit their health needs. The training courses include dietary counseling, weight training, weight management, apparatus equipment training, and correctional training.

The gym offers personal training packages that are affordable and can fit any budget. Customized training programs come with a free initial assessment and also include the options of skin care and tanning. Training packages can be chosen from a monthly plan or by sessions. Monthly payments are $350 for two days a week or $500 for three days a week. Sessions do not expire and clients can choose between ten sessions for $500 or 50 sessions for $2,000.

For more information on customized personal training programs, please visit their website.

About Michael Mickles
Mint Condition Fitness Founder Michael Mickles believes in an overall wellness approach that incorporates dietary consultation, exercise tailored to individual needs, and health maintenance practices, such as massage therapy. For exercise, Mickles incorporates strength training of primary muscles but also focuses on strength training of the secondary muscles that support joints.

To learn more about fitness programs with a personal trainer, visit Mint Condition Fitness’ website today.

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