low glycemic food list for diabetes

Which fruits are low glycemic?

Low GI Fruits. Many fruits have a low GI value, which makes them good choices for keeping your blood sugar levels under control and maintaining optimal health. For example, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, grapefruit, plums, grapes, kiwifruits, oranges, strawberries and prunes all have a GI below 55, which makes them good options for a low glycemic index diet.

What are the best low glycemic foods?

Some healthy fruits, like wild blueberries, are actually quite high on the glycemic index scale. But avocados are one of the lowest glycemic fruits. Others low glycemic foods are coconuts, lemons, limes, nopal, olives, and bell peppers. The best vegetables are a medley of the non-starchy ones.

What foods are low in the glycemic index?

Food Items. Grains with a low glycemic index include whole wheat, barley,rye, white rice, buckwheat, long grain rice, boiled quinoa and brown rice. Other staple foods with a low glycemic index include wheatand corn tortillas, chapatti, wholemeal and white spaghetti, lasagna, oatporridge, linguine, pizza, macaroni, noodles and muesli.

What fruit has the highest glycemic index?

The highest GI among raw — not dried or canned — fruits is watermelon, with an average GI of 72 and with some samples testing as high as 80. Well-ripened cantaloupes can also have a GI of 70 in some cases.

Low GI Foods

Consuming low GI foods + calculating carbohydrate intake = the most stable blood sugar levels!!! Low GI Foods (20-49) … Fruits and Fruit Juices: (Limit.

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