low fat rice pudding recipe

What is the best recipe for rice pudding?

How to Make THE BEST Rice Pudding Ever! Place 2 3/4 quart of the milk and the heavy cream in a large pot and bring to a slow boil, stir constantly. When you see small bubbles add the rice, butter, sugar and raisins. Simmer, stirring the mixture often for 1 hour until the rice is tender and puffed.

What does rice pudding taste like?

One version of rice pudding is made in a saucepan and the end result is similar in taste to store-bought rice pudding or “arroz con leche”. It’s milky, and kind of thick and mushy and pretty tasty. The other, old fashioned type of rice pudding is a baked, custard-style rice pudding.

What are the ingredients in rice pudding?

The following ingredients are usually found in rice puddings: rice; white rice (usually short grain, but can also be long grain, broken rice, basmati, or jasmine rice), brown rice, black rice milk (whole milk, coconut milk, cream or evaporated) spices (cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, etc.)

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Rice pudding is an easy, low-fat, and relatively high-protein dessert that’s deliciously satisfying without being overly sweet.

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