Love to Dream Swaddle UP Lite, Ice Green, Small 6.5-13 lbs EAN:9343443001533 Asin:B012CBEOAQ


When babies are placed on their back to sleep, their natural position is arms up so they can self-soothe at night when they wake up.

The Original Swaddle UP patented design allows for self-soothing, unpke traditional swaddles which hold baby's arms down and frustrate them.

Dual zipper for easy diaper changes without taking them out of the swaddle and no bothersome snaps, noisy Velcro closures or loose fabric.

Swaddle designed for babies 0-3 months, 6.5-13 lbs, up to 22.8 inches

93% Cotton, 7% Elastane. Lite version is 30% pghter than the Original – perfect for hot summer nights.

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