Learning Cisco Unified Computing System – UCS


Learning Cisco Unified Computing System - UCS

This course takes you soup-to-nuts through the UCS system. We start off answering questions surrounding “Why UCS?,” and then move swiftly through the components that comprise a Cisco UCS system.  Following this, we begin discussing how UCS systems are built, and how they function. As an instructor, I firmly believe in the “see then do” process, especially when it comes to technology! So my method has always been to talk about the theory surrounding a topic, and then to show you it on a live system, and thats exactly what I do with this course.

We will build out the UCS system in the exact sequence that most engineers typically deploy it. We will connect it to the LAN and SAN networks, and configure the pools and policies that make up the identities of our service profiles (the true magic behind UCS!).  We will practice things like ‘boot from SAN’ and show you how to troubleshoot and verify everything as we go!

Basic understanding of x86 Architectures

Basic understanding of virtualization fundamentals (Hypervisors, virtual machines, etc…)

CCNA or equivalent knowledge

Knowledge of VLAN's and SAN's

Learning Cisco Unified Computing System – UCS

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