Knowledge Necessary for Type 2 Diabetes: Focus on Glucose Levels


Understanding glucose levels is essential for managing Type 2 Diabetes. Blood sugar, often termed as glucose, plays a vital role. To know if you have diabetes, healthcare professionals often check blood glucose. The normal range for blood glucose is 70-130 mg/dL before meals, and less than 180 mg/dL two hours after starting a meal. High values might indicate diabetes.

To keep glucose in control, lifestyle adjustments are often necessary. Eating a balanced diet, incorporating physical activity in your daily routine, and proper medication can be of assistance. But monitoring your blood glucose level is of utmost importance. Glucose meters or continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems can aid in this.

Glucose range for people with Type 2 diabetes differs from person to person. It’s essential for your healthcare provider to set the target glucose level for you. It is important not to assume your glucose range based on internet information.

Continuous high glucose levels might lead to diabetes complications, like heart diseases, kidney diseases, or nerve damages. Regular health check-ups, healthy lifestyle, and maintaining blood glucose within the target range are crucial for managing Type 2 diabetes.

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