Is The Tupavco TP302 Ethernet Surge Protector the Best Defense Against Lightning?

Is The Tupavco TP302 Ethernet Surge Protector the Best Defense Against Lightning?

In today’s era of rapid digitalization, the need for safeguarding your networking devices from unforeseen mishaps, especially lightning strikes, has never been higher. A plethora of devices have been designed to fulfill this requirement, and one such promising contender is the Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector.

This Ethernet Surge Protector is uniquely designed for Gigabit GbE PoE/High PoE++ (HPoE) 1000 Mbps LAN Ethernet networks. Packed in an aluminum case, it possesses a hardware interface with Ethernet compatibility. Interestingly, its dimensions of 3.4 x 1.4 x 2.3 inches make it reasonably compact, weighing a mere 4.8 ounces.

What Do Users Have to Say?

One user vouched for its efficiency in safeguarding his router from lightning, mentioning the robust grounding mechanism of his Wavelink AC1200 AP. The consensus among users is that while its protection capabilities remain untested against direct lightning strikes, the construction quality is commendable. Grounding these devices seems to be a straightforward process with the provided green/yellow ground wire.

However, a word of caution shared by a user suggests not to use two of these together, especially with shielded cables, as it might lead to grounding complications. In terms of connectivity, users have found no significant difference in data transfer rates with or without the surge protectors. The real testament would indeed be its durability and protection level during actual lightning incidents.

Another user mentioned its seamless functionality while being connected to an Axis M1125 IP camera, emphasizing the PoE reliability. There was a comparison with an APC network surge protector, where the latter seemed to drop many packets, rendering it unusable. This user hoped that the Tupavco protector would act as a robust protective barrier, especially after experiencing a prior lightning surge in his network.

Final Thoughts

While its effectiveness against direct lightning strikes remains to be seen, the Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector is built sturdily and designed with meticulous detail. However, like any other protective gear, the key is in its correct installation and grounding. The protection it offers seems like a valuable insurance for the digital devices that drive our modern lives.

Whether you’re connecting cameras, modems, routers, or other network devices, investing in a reliable surge protector like this one might just save you from unforeseen expenses and the hassle of replacing damaged equipment.