Is an e-bike right for your school?

Is an e-bike right for your school?

Plus, with the start of school around the corner, an e-bike is perfect for getting around campus without breaking a sweat.

Where can I learn more about electric bicycles?

At you can learn everything you want to know about electric bicycles to help you find the right ebike for you, or better yet, convert your own bicycle into an ebike! Start learning today, for free! Many people are excited about the idea of getting their first electric bicycle, but they don’t know where to start.

What is the e-bike technician training and certification program?

A bike to school program is great for schools to promote active transportation along with a social opportunity for parents and students to connect outside of school hours and allow students to improve their bicycle safety skills. Programs frequently are structured to take into consideration the 5 E’s of safe routes to school.

What is a bike to school?

The International Ebike Garage –

Welcome to the Rad community! Now that you’ve assembled your bike and read your owner’s manual, here are a few tips to help you get up and running and on the…

Biking to school is a fun, healthy way to start your school day. This video gives helpful tips for biking safely to school.

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Latest innovations are gradually becoming more involved in transport design and engineering. At first electric drivetrains were used in cars, then in trucks,…