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RAVPower charger review

In my opinion, the main advantage of the RAVpower Wireless Fast Charger is its elegant design. It’s one of the most futuristic chargers on our list. When I put a wired charger next to a RAVPower, I get the impression that the RAVpower is an artifact left by a 24th century time traveler. It’s the quality of the design.

The RAVpower is a Qi certified charger, which means it works with a wide range of devices, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S7 + and Note 8 .

But to be honest, as beautiful as it is, it’s not the fastest wireless charger on the market. There are very fast wireless chargers. At the top end, some will charge your phone at a rate of 15 watts. On the bottom side we have wireless chargers that will run at 3.5 watts.

That being said, the RAVpower charges compatible iPhone devices (including 8, 8 Plus and X) at 7.5 watts. Although this is in the middle of the 3.5-15 range, it is actually higher than the mode of our game. What I mean by that is that more than half of the devices I have watched were Apple devices charged at 5 watts or less. None of them charged faster than 7.5. So, although RAVpower is not the fastest in the market, it’s not bad.

Because of the different designs of Apple and Samsung devices, Samsung devices can be charged faster than Apple products. The RAVpower charges compatible Samsung devices (including the Galaxy S7, S8, S9 and Note 8) at 10 watts. It’s faster than three of the other chargers on our list, slower than the first and as fast as the other five.

What I like

The first thing I absolutely love about RAVPower wireless chargers is their design. Here are some of the most futuristic chargers I have ever seen. You can buy one for nothing more than the pleasure of asking people to tell you more about your new gadget.

The design of the RAVPower allows it to spread heat about 15% faster than similarly priced chargers. Personally, I do not like the idea of ​​a hot phone or charger during the charging process. With all the reports of stacks that explode, I’m always afraid that it explodes.

The RAVPower also protects your phone against some of the common problems with rechargeable batteries: overload, over-voltage and over-current.

Overloading occurs when you let your device charge for too long. The battery is full, but the power is still pumped. This can damage a battery, which affects its ability to hold a charge. The RAVPower technology allows the charger to see that the battery is full and reduce its charge rate to a minimum.
In the same way, the RAVPower protects against overvoltages (when the load provides too much energy to your device) and overcurrent (overvoltages).

All these features are grouped together in a proprietary technology called HyperAir. To be honest, all wireless chargers are worth it, but the HyperAir technology gives it an extra edge: it can detect your iPhone instantly because it shares the same fixed frequency program. that your iPhone has. This means that as soon as your iPhone is in a minimum range, it starts charging immediately.

What I do not like

The first thing I really do not like here is the fact that the charger LED stays orange, whether the iPhone is loaded in a standard, fast or fully charged way. With Samsung Galaxies, the light goes green. This is due to the difference in communication between iPhones and Galaxies with the wireless charger.


In addition, your phone should not be thicker than 3 mm, otherwise the wireless charger will not be able to charge it. With many other chargers, the maximum width is 4 or 5 mm. For telephone cases, this extra allowance can make a huge difference. Do not put anything between your phone and the charger either, as this will prevent it from recharging. And that includes metals and magnets. In fact, magnets can disrupt the operation of the wireless charger; I really feel that they could have done a little more in terms of the resilience and ruggedness of the charger. It’s probably great for a home or office where you can sit in front of a computer and you know nothing is going to hurt him. But if it’s in a common space – in a dorm or a shared office – the chances of it being damaged are a bit too high for my blood.

Super design
HyperAir technology detects iPhone instantly
Prevents overheating, overcurrent, over-voltage and overload
The inconvenients
No signal is sent to the charger from the iPhone, so the LED is always amber even under different conditions.
A little on the fragile side. Maybe not great for common spaces


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