How to register CCRN exam?

How to register CCRN exam?

Testing InformationTesting Options. AACN Certification Corporation offers two computer-based options for taking your certification exam.Scheduling Your Exam. Learn how to reserve a date for your certification exam and understand related scheduling policies.Additional Information. …

Where to take CCRN exam?

Nurse managerPhysician or clinical supervisorClinical educator or professor

How do I schedule my CCRN exam?

How do I schedule my CCRN exam? You may schedule an exam appointment online or by telephone once you receive the postcard or email. If you have not received your postcard or email within 2-3 weeks after applying for an exam, please contact AACN Customer Care at (800) 899-2226 or [email protected] Read in-depth answer here.

How to verify CCRN certification?

You must request a verification for each purpose you require.Individuals with multiple certifications must order separate verifications for each certification.Allow 7 business days for processingMailed certificates arrive via USPS first class delivery. …You will need the certification number and last name of the certified nurse.

Free Study Guide for the CCRN (Updated 2022)

Nicole Kupchik Consulting and Education offer this CCRN Certification Review Course. This program is just 199 dollars, and it is one of the most affordable programs. CCRN …

Free Online Ccrn Review Course – April 2022

CCRN Review Online Hands-On Material: Unlike most online nursing courses, CCRN Review Online provides students with physical materials in addition to their digital …