How To Pitch Anything


How To Pitch Anything

Learn the advanced concepts of communication in business or in your off time.

The most important skill you could ever master in your life is effective communication and dealing with people. We often follow “common sense” but sometimes, common sense is not that common. There is no shame in admiting you don’t know something and those people who do exactly that are the right people for this course. 

Opportunities you could get if you master people relations are undeniable and this is just a small segment of social skill field, but we can slowly start to build it. Getting people to say yes is rare and therefore a valuable social skill. 

Course Overview

Suitable for beginning salesmen and presenters, through this course of 13 lectures and about a half an hour of content, you’ll learn the advanced thechniques of persuasion and communication. These techniques should be called fundamentals, but are so rare so we call them advanced. At the beginning of the course, you’ll get a quick summary and basic guidelines how to practice after you’ve completedthe course.

Starting with the basic elements of the brain, this section will take you through our neural pathways and explain how we receive new information and who is actually responsible when we get rejected or accepted. After that, you’l learn to recognize different frames and ways how go against you in, practically, everyday life. Once you’ve indentified the frames, you learn to battle and defeat them. The last part is about the very technique. We divide your presentation into segments and explain each segment for itself to make sure we miss nothing.

Students who complete this course will be at ease when presenting and start widening their influence.

Take notes during the whole presentation even though I’ve transcripted the whole talk so if my pronounciation is not that good on some words, you can read it from the transcript. 

Students should prepare notebook to write notes

Students should have a basic practice environment like a classroom or a workplace

How To Pitch Anything

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