How to get CCRN?

How to get CCRN?

CCRN-K: for nurses who influence the care of acutely-critically ill patients but who do not primarily or exclusively provide such care.CCRN-E: for nurses working tele-ICU monitoring/care of patients in remote locationsPCCN: for nurses providing progressive, direct care

Where to take CCRN exam?

Nurse managerPhysician or clinical supervisorClinical educator or professor

How to sign up for CCRN exam?

Other signs and symptoms of hypothermia include:shiveringslow, shallow breathslurred or mumbled speecha weak pulsepoor coordination or clumsinesslow energy or sleepinessconfusion or memory lossloss of consciousnessbright red skin that’s cold to the touch (in babies)

How to register CCRN exam?

Testing InformationTesting Options. AACN Certification Corporation offers two computer-based options for taking your certification exam.Scheduling Your Exam. Learn how to reserve a date for your certification exam and understand related scheduling policies.Additional Information. …

Certification Courses – Neurocritical Care Society

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses has many options for nurses. The organization offers certification for adult, neonatal, and pediatric critical care, and also offers …